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Your MyLife Identity Premiumβ„’ Subscription
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Robinhood: A beautiful app for investing.

Robinhood isn't new. However, I've finally been using Robinhood the past two weeks, as it was intended, as an investment app. You see, I joined the Robinhood beta years ago, but never really used it. I had always wanted to start investing. I had always wanted to put a little money in the market. I never made that jump, only adding a few shares to a portfolio to watch, and that's it. That is, until they gave me a couple free shares of a few companies recently.

I mostly love Robinhood for it's aesthetics. Robinhood is beautifully designed. In fact, Robinhood was one Google Play’s Best Apps of 2015, and in 2016, Google recognized Robinhood with the 2016 Google Play Award for Best Use of Material Design.

Because of this, Robinhood is great for simple mobile investing. In fact, it's their target market. There's no web interface, yet. The sign up process is painless and only takes a few minutes. You'll need to provide your social security number, for tax purposes. Robinhood can get you approved right away to begin bank transfers and trading too.

New customer bank transfers of up to $1,000 are available instantly for investing. Robinhood Instant, a free account upgrade, also makes the proceeds from the sale of stocks or ETFs available immediately to reinvest.

So, what exactly do I use Robinhood for? I use it to manage my small portfolio with alerts and suggestions, a look into financial news, and to see what's currently trending or popular. I don't have a whole lot of money in the market, but I'm learning and this app makes it fun and easy.

Earlier I said I was given a few free shares that helped me get started. I shared my unique link code, like I'm doing now, and if people used it to sign up, I was awarded a fee share and the person that signed up won a free share as well. Win, win. You have a small chance at winning a share from a more valuable company, like Google or Apple, so it can't hurt to try. If anything, you'll get a share of a company worth maybe $3+$6. Free money.

So, I'd say if you don't use Robinhood or are looking to get into investments or hell, just want a chance at a large valued share of a major company, feel free to sign up with my link, and cross your fingers.

And if you already use Robinhood, which I know many of you do, feel free to leave some tips and tricks for us noobs.

Hey, it's more fun than trying to sift through the endless Black Friday sales, at least for me.

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LeGoing STRONG ✌
Core Values: The Best Kept Secret of True High Performance - Core values are the GPS that keeps us from getting lost in any arena.
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Prayers for Truth isms βœŒπŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Stop putting off your Ad Age A-List and Creativity Awards entries. Prices increase after November 30th! Here's who we're looking to honor:
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@DAVHQ Moms & Dads Entrepreneurs @TMZ πŸ’—
Added by Silvana Toledo
Friday, December 8, 2017
5:30 PM
Collab & Play @NASAJPL
1800 S. Brand Blvd, #103
Glendale, CA @AP πŸ’₯
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Thank you!
E-commerce BYTES πŸ’—
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Thanks for the super pics! You are totally awesome and Thank you for your nice replies.

Let's be positive in a world so full of negativity!
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Hi I think your perfect!
Let's text for TRuth soon..._)"
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Thank you for the great results. Now we can start on the Ideas for Makin Millions 2Gether.

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Web marketing is very tricky. Show me what they send to you ok?
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