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I'm not worried.
I'm not worried.
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We are live! Excited to see what you do with Science Journal!

Yak shaving for the night (setting up ) hit a screeching hard stop when the next step required calling Comcast to get a new cable modem that supports bridge mode.

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My body (and machine) are ready for the Vive. However, not sure if the office is big enough, after having tried out a setup in a massive room.

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3D printed a replacement part for Julie's broken treat ball today. The dog is ecstatic to have it back. Felt awesome to be able to fix it vs throwing it out.
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I want this type of manual for every piece of tech in my life.

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Bought my second ukulele: a tenor to go along w/ my existing soprano. This one can connect to an amp too, which is cool. I also put a low G on it. These are getting shockingly easy to collect :-)

Will check this out. Psi Ops was indeed great. The playground mode they gave you was such a great idea too. Stranglehold was OK.

Watch out Bay Area folks.

We received a Surface Book out of the blue with no receipt inside. Looking at the from address, it was a warehouse. Called them to see what was going on: turns out someone had gotten Lola's credit card number and had ordered it to the house hoping to steal it before we noticed.

What's so scary about this is it shows that these scammers are casing our neighborhood!

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