Bittersweet Strawberry, Marshmallow, Butterscotch
Polar Bear, Cashew, Dixieland, Phosphate, Chocolate
Lime, Tuttifrutti, Special Raspberry, Leave it to Me
Three Grace, Scotch Lassie, Cherry Smash, Lemon Freeze

I want to go to Marz where Green Rivers flow
And your Sweet Sixteen is waiting for you after the show
I want to go to Marz, you'll meet the Gold Dust Twins tonight
You'll get your heart's desire, I will meet you under the lights

Golden Champagne, Juicy Grapefruit, Lucky Monday
High School Football, Hot Fudge, Buffalo, Tulip Sundae
Almond Caramel Frappe, Pineapple, Root Beer
Black and White, Big Apple, Henry Ford, Sweetheart, Maple Tear

~John Grant, Marz

This song is my current repeat. The delicious lyrics remind me of Alice In Wonderland, Wally Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Candy Land. And oh, the Easter Bunny and Eggs come to mind too. LOL

Spring has sprung! It is literally my favorite time of the year. Though I now live in a State where the climate is warm year round, when Easter rolls around, I am transported back to a time where snow covered crocuses, tulips, and daffodils are busily preparing their graceful emergence back into the world after months of beauty sleep. With a little help from Sunny, the parched white snow recedes exposing the brown Mother Earth. In all Her glory, She heralds the official beginning of the Season of Growth.

Be well, my friends.
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