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+Kab Yaj Corp. is currently accepting applications for the position of Boyfriend with long-term growth potential in the Husband Department. We offer competitive benefits such as loyalty, devotion, spontaneity, and domestic bliss (all-inclusive of the following: maid/personal chef service and/or abundance bedroom excitement when promoted).

Qualification: A real man who doesn't love a million women, but loves one woman in a million ways.

Applications will be accepted and interviews conducted until position is filled. Please, forward your resume with an attached full body shot to +Kab Yaj for further consideration.

Cheaters, jerks, and liars need not apply.

At one point in time, I had seriously thought about putting this on an online dating site just to see what kind of responses I will garner. Then I convinced myself not to go through with it as it will just solicit cheaters, jerks, and liars.


A little Friday night humor for all as we get ready for the weekend.
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Liz Lui
You are too funny! The floods of applicants will soon hit this stream :)
Ahahaha... I enjoyed your words along with this lovely photo! I especially liked the Qualifications! :)
Funny. I knew I should have updated my resume. Very nice photo!!
LOL.... updating resume now. Great shot.
this post made me laugh! beautiful image too... I think you should give a few of these google guys a shot? :D
I'd love to apply, but then I wouldn't qualify, would I? ;-) Oh well, I guess we'll just have to stay friends! Lovely photo, as always!
When I was involved in the online dating world I loved coming across profiles such as this. It shows a sense of humor...... Very important characteristic. Well done.
First, great picture! I love the composition and colors! Great post! Too funny!
Wonderful image - big bokeh in the background.
What a lovely flower! Nice dof and color... Thanks for sharing
Already married, but going to +1 anyway!
Interesting job ad, but it didn't tell much about the 'employer' herself. After all, usually these ads have an elaborate description of the hiring company in question, and the 'successful candidates' serious about committing to a job do want to know all there is to know about the 'company.' beforehand. ;-)
very beautiful, hope you are good +Kab Yaj. this text is amazing. As spoken out of my heart. Well written :)
Your post cracked me up +Kab Yaj :D Simply hilarious!!! :D Who says job market is down... Look at this opening ;))
Kab Yaj
Hi everyone...sorry for the late reply...been busy shooting! Hehehe

+Miranda Hazelton Holy Jesus Christ! There is a woman clad in garter belts on his scrap page! Looks like he was breading bread with his twelve amigos at the local strip joints. LOL

+Liz Lui Surprisingly, no applications in my inbox, yet. I suppose this is not an effective ad after all. Hehehe

+Dave Jacobs Yeah, married men don't do it for me. What's the point of just looking, but can't touch? LOL

+Matthew Mendenhall I hope you're referencing my photo. ;)

+Jeff Moreau A man can never love a woman enough, though loving one woman is enough. Hehehe

+Matt Veldey That means you're not considering the job. :(

+Bo Lorentzen Nothing in my inbox. Did you send it to the correct email?

+Ginger Grant So far I haven't received one you think the job demands too much? LOL

+Carl Pettypiece , Yes, the qualification does require one man to love only one woman. Otherwise, I wouldn't even consider your candidacy. Tell Jeeves I say HI!

+Ian Thomas And when you came across such a profile, did you contact the person? My curious mind wants to know.

+David A. Martinez The flower is cute, isn't it? It's a small variation of the begonia.

+Kevin Parker You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

+Laura Loralieh Nixon Thank you dear! I have a thing for the watermelony color scheme. I think the colors come wonderfully together.

+Eric Nicolas Yes, those are the bokeh leafs of this flower's plant. Did I tell you I like green?

+Mark Bottoms Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment.

+David Rogers Hahaha I did seem a bit desperate, didn't I? It's just online fun and humor...though the men I have met and become friends with on G+ are nothing short of amazing. And that's why I feel I can post this knowing that they know I'm just being funny.

+Ryan Wilson Thank you for the +1ing.

+Erkki Juurus a company's profile can be requested for the serious applicants.

+Shiloh Swanson Yes, internships are available with no benefits, though.

+Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir We truly are sisters! We may be different in hair/skin/eye color, but never in what we seek in true love.

+Kerry Murphy Thank you! Every stone becomes a gem through polishing, and believe me, I have had many...not the quick fix from the scalpel, but from experience. Hehehe

+Paras Shah No one is applying! :( Hehehe I hope you are feeling better!

And thank you every for the +1s and for stopping by with your comments. Truly appreciated.
Beautiful fower, and fabulous post! I used to say I wanted a man who read, decided at one point I would look for one who could read. I finally gave up and found the man I wanted (who does read :)
Ha! Well, maybe you will let me submit my application with an old resume? :)
+Kab Yaj I did make a contact many times. Even if there was no chance of anything coming out of it (distance, lifestyle, etc) I did like to compliment people on at least thinking outside the box a little. ;)
I am much better now +Kab Yaj... Pain is there but only focusing on what needs to be done and how i can keep myself positive :)
Hahahaha!! Reminds me this little chat about relationship. :D
Beautiful. Looking at the petals, I guess there are more vacancies in this department. :)
Beautiful use of shallow DoF. Almost feels like that petal is pointing somewhere.
Curious,.... how many people here actually sent you something..?? very nice shot.
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