For Hiring

+Kab Yaj Corp. is currently accepting applications for the position of Boyfriend with long-term growth potential in the Husband Department. We offer competitive benefits such as loyalty, devotion, spontaneity, and domestic bliss (all-inclusive of the following: maid/personal chef service and/or abundance bedroom excitement when promoted).

Qualification: A real man who doesn't love a million women, but loves one woman in a million ways.

Applications will be accepted and interviews conducted until position is filled. Please, forward your resume with an attached full body shot to +Kab Yaj for further consideration.

Cheaters, jerks, and liars need not apply.

At one point in time, I had seriously thought about putting this on an online dating site just to see what kind of responses I will garner. Then I convinced myself not to go through with it as it will just solicit cheaters, jerks, and liars.


A little Friday night humor for all as we get ready for the weekend.
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