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Kab Yaj
An ordinary person living in an extraordinary world...vicariously through the lens.
An ordinary person living in an extraordinary world...vicariously through the lens.

I'ved missed you, friends of G+! I hope all is well on your end.

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Hi friends and all,

My good friend +Joe Bodego  has an awesome project coming up and we both would appreciate it if you can help spread the word by sharing this post. You can click on the link to learn more about his project. Thank you!

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A King of the Jungle writes:

I can feel your love in the breeze, 
Every single day. 
I can feel your warmth in the wind, 
And there is only one thing I can say. 
I love you too, 
And I always want to be with you. 
I know you can't hear me, 
So I send it back with a light breeze. 
Sometimes, I worry because I don't feel the wind, 
But the next day, I can put my mind at ease. 
'Cause the wind is blowing twice as hard, 
And I know I'll always be in your heart.

Hope you all are having a great start to a long weekend!  

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Added photos to The Selfy Sunday Project.

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They say you will never know your mother's maternal love for you until you reach a certain age in life. 

When she dropped me off at the airport, I saw the sorrow in her eyes; the sadness of sending one of her own off to an unknown place far from her loving reach. We had our dear mother-daughter moment. Before I stepped out to retrieve my luggage from the trunk, she grabbed my arm and handed me a white envelope. She said, "I have been saving this ever since I knew you were leaving. It's not much, but I hope it helps a little with food."

I didn't come from privileged background, but what humble beginnings I had; I owe it all to my parents. Through hard toiling and labor, they always made sure that their children's needs are met before theirs. And since the death of my dad, my mom has gone far and beyond putting the five of us first. I owe my mom my life because she gave me life and at her age, she still continues to give me life.

There is no question why we reserve the second Sunday of May to celebrate Mother's Day. A mother is the most influential person in her children's lives. Who do we run to when we scrape our knees from falling off the bike? Who do we ask for waking from a nightmare? And why do we always look for mom when we're looking in the refrigerator? It's simple really. She breathes in us a sense of growing comfort that no matter what happens to us, what we've been through, or wherever we are, she is there and near if we called on her.

So I salute all the endearing mothers out there. Thank you for being just the way you are, a loving mother above all else.

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I remember succinctly my first Easter Choir performance. I was about 8 yo. My Sunday school class and I marched unto the stage clothed in white bed sheets carrying a palm in each of our right little hand, waving it high in the air. We chanted and sang "Hear the bells ringing, they're singing Christ is risen from the dead" in off key voices. I had only been in the States for just a little over a month, but for some kind of a miracle, I sang along in perfect haromny and in broken English too. LOL

And oh, what joy and glee our parents as our audience had on their face. 

Happy Easter, everyone!

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I recently received a message from a long-separated friend who found me online. She wrote:

“You know, it's funny you think you know a person, and then get such a wonderfully pleasant surprise --- like your writing. I have no idea you're a writer, and you do it so beautifully.”

The truth is that --- I didn't know I was a "writer" many years ago. In fact, my English Comp final grade was a C . It wasn't until my life took an unexpected turn in 1999 that I discovered online journaling. Through the might of the written voice (aka the keyboard), I found inspiration and passion to heal, dream, and live again. 

While there are some cherished thoughts to always hold dear and near, there are stories within each and every one of us to be shared. It's when we bare our souls, exposing that vulnerable part of our individuality, that others are drawn to the magic we possess in our heart.

Hi Friends, rarely do I solicit things for myself, but if I put a coffee book together of my images, would anyone be interested in supporting me (granted that some images you may have seen)? You can reply to my post here or send me a private message of your thought(s). 

Thank you.

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Crows are known as pests for their constant, loud, and raucous cawing and mischievous nature. They have an affinity to plague farmers' fields and are regularly shot for despoiling crops and seedlings. 

One early June morning, while sitting out on the deck of my mother's house, I saw in her little corner patch of small neatly divided rows of garden vegetables, a flock of crows were picking at the sprouts from one row to the other.  Despite her cleverly crafted Scarecrows of dangling aluminum cans, the effort failed. Standing not able to watch her hard work being ravaged, I stormed to ward off the crows, but stopped dead in my quest.  Given that my mom's vegetable patch was nestled under a huge pine tree giving it coverage from the morning sun, in the middle of a cilantro patch, I saw the most beautiful bird with feathers made of black lacquer. I marveled at its iridescent coat of down and questioned why the others' were so ordinary. As I looked around, I noticed that the bird was sitting in a ray of sunshine diffusing through the pine branches. As it sat in the beam of sunlight, it just shone. 

Often times, we see others who are not of our likelihood as we see these crows.  We don’t particularly like them not because they are different, but because we are blinded by our own ignorance and antipathy to accept change.  We subjugate them as second rate human beings and steer clear of them.  However, as I see beauty in the crow, as does God see beauty in them, the meagers.  They may not be the most admired, accepted, popular, respected, and well-liked of people, but they are still children of God, and even more importantly, made in His image. When God created the bird, He saw that it was good.  When God created man, He saw that it was very good. Just like the crow I saw that morning, we also have a tendency to shine when we bask ourselves in the rays of the Son.

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Added photos to The Selfy Sunday Project.
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