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Alex “CountJigglesworth” Smith
DotA 2 Content Producer
DotA 2 Content Producer

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6.80 Patch Analysis
Overview Key BUFFS NERFS NEUTRAL Big Changes Heroes Alchemist Night vision reduced from 1400 to 800 Unstable Concoction maximum shaking duration reduced from 7 to 5.5 Max Power is still reached at 5 seconds Unstable Concoction no longer continues to get str...

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On The Existence of "Elo Hell"
As of mid-December 2013, DotA 2 released an official Ranked MMR Queue. As with any ranked ladder, "Elo Hell" quickly becomes a matter of discussion. What is "Elo Hell"? First off, Elo  is a rating system for competitive sports and games. However, as I under...

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Resources in DotA 2
One aspect that is important in Real Time Strategy (RTS) style games (DotA being considered an Action RTS, or ARTS) is resource accumulation and usage. There are some very obvious resources in DotA 2, but there are also some hidden ones, as well as actions ...

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6.79 Patch Analysis
OVERVIEW Table of Contents Big Changes Could Have Some Impact The Little Details Key BUFFS NERFS NEUTRAL Major Themes Support Buffs - a lot of indirect/pseudo support buffs, like not being able to pool regen early game meaning supports have more money. Game...
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