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Note to Self: Booty is Booty
Body image is something that I believe everyone questions at
least once in their lifetime.  For me, I
am constantly reminded of how small I am. 
Things like, “Dang girl you small.” 
“Are you 15?”  “What pant size you
wear?”  “You anorexic?” or my recently

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Remember, remember
The greatest thing about being in college is the fire my teachers give me to do crazy things like teach parenting classes when I have no children of my own, or to give policy speeches in front of my class.  Like teaching a class full of 20 preschoolers all ...

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Missing my niece!
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Just one of the best Christmas's ever! #China  
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Yesterday, I received 9 kisses, lots of snuggle time to the cartoon Tom & Jerry, and hugs like you couldn't imagine.  I would consider myself lucky. 

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Zhangjiajie: Home of the Avatar
Welcome to the land of the Avatar!   So on my birthday weekend, (it happened that
we had our last vacation opening that week) we decided to hit up some mountains
that were supposed to have been filmed in the movie Avatar.   We celebrated by watching the mov...

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Cause I’m Grateful for Many Things
This year has been a year filled with lots of adventure, trials,
and blessings that Heavenly Father seemed fit to put in my life.   I can say that I am grateful for all of it,
and wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything.   I was blessed to be in a foreig...

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WC-Toilets-Commodes-Whatever You Want to Call Them
So I love China in more ways than one, but of course there
are just some things that I will never learn to like.   For example, the bitter root/ginger chunks
they put so often in my lunch…gross.   The
cockroaches; nasty.   Guys with crazy long
fingernails; ...

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Beijing C-D!
Well I have finally decided to catch you guys up on the last
leg of my trip…Beijing!   Beijing was
fun!   It was however, the most polluted
city I have ever been in.   The air was
filthy, and you couldn’t really see anything far distances away.   By the end...

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For Helen
Dearest Helen, Even though I know that you will never get the chance to
read this, hopefully one day I will get to tell you in person when we aren’t
separated by different continents, my appreciation for you and your hard work.   About a month ago, I walked...
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