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This Is The End
We have been home from China for 17 days, meaning for the past two weeks and change, we have been the parents of two kids, under the age of 3 (Gunner is 2.5 half years old and Gray is 1.5). And the big lesson I have learned in this time is that This Is The ...

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What Have We Done?
flew halfway around the world to pick up my daughter and it made me realize how
much I love my son. 6
plane rides, 60 hours in the air and airports, 14 days in horrible polluted Chinese
air, 6 government office buildings, 1 7 hour bus ride to an orphanage...

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Baby #2 on the Way
So long before G was our son, my wife and I decided to adopt a little girl from another country. Many people asked us why? I would say, "Because our planet is already overcrowded" to which my wife would say "you can't tell people that". So then I'd say, "be...

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It All Comes Back to Coaching
In business school, you learn early on that some of the best management principles come from sports coaching. These principles also exist for parents; goals, expectations, motivation, reinforcement, dedication, focus, all for the achievement of success. Wit...

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Just Go With It
Nearly 29 months of fun in the sun, well into year 2 of
fatherhood. So what is different now? Well for starters, the world for a 2 year
old is so weird that the world with a 2 year old must follow suit. I can only
best describe this as “Just Go with It” bec...

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Way To Go Genius
On another Father's Day, we continue to celebrate the joys of the adventure of fatherhood. My wife recently asked me, "When did it feel real that you were now a father? Was it during the pregnancy? The birth?" The answer for me is that it becomes more real ...

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Linguistic Challenges
On to a 2 year plus near 2 month old and the biggest area of attention is clearly in the linguistic department. At breakfast. Me: "Seymour Butts? Really?" My Wife: 'He said 'three more bites'." Me: Oh. In the morning. My Wife: "I already fed Bagi (our cat, ...

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Seemingly Overnight
All parents are victims of the whimsical naivety in admitting our child's development happens "seemingly overnight". We all, and I'm assuming first time parents the most, are peering constantly at every sound, smell, and motion while our child is awake and ...

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Gunner is now 2. Terrible 2? Far from far (knock on wood). It has definitely been an interesting two years. There are some very tough times, a ton of decision making and second guessing and third guessing, brain racking, patience and endurance tes...

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Oh the Dread....
Once again, I have gone longer than desired with releasing a new post. It is been 2 months. While I would like to attribute it to the time constraints of my loving, attentive, and constantly thorough parenting, truth is when the kid goes to bed and you find...
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