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D&D 5e

It's like they ported 2e to 3e, added a dab of 4e, and cribbed a little from Storygames.

So, not so bad. Battles go quick and are fun. Definitely feels like D&D. 

I’m a warrior seeking peace and an end to bloodshed. I’m on a pilgrimage to the Temple to No Gods in the distant City of Gulls.

My pilgrimage has brought me to the Gray Hills inhabited by monsters who dress in human skins.

My goal is to pass safely through and continue my pilgrimage. You, my friends online, play the world. Your goal is to see me to my doom, instead of safely on my way. You’re allowed only to directly answer my direct questions, though, so you might not be able to do it.

The rules:
1. Only answer my questions.
2. If you don’t already know the answer, make something up.
3. Keep your answers short.
4. If your answer’s disruptive, I’m allowed to delete it.
5. Otherwise, I have to go with the first answer somebody gives. I’ll +1 it.
6. You may subscribe to this thread if you
like. Please use the sentence ‘no gods watch over you’ to do so.

I have vast and deadly patience, and instincts honed by a life of violence. I've been walking through the Gray Hills for so long I've lost count of the days, when I come across a sulphurous hot spring surrounded by granite boulders. I sit and dangle my weary, bare feet in the pleasantly warm water to relax them.

Something warns me of approaching danger. What is it?

Anyone should answer. 

Any Hack Reactor grads in my network? Or peeps who considered it and went a different way? Thinking about rebooting my career. 

New G plus preview is SO. UGLY. As my daughter would say, "Nonononono..."

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Had to amplify the signal on this one. Super cool
Gwenn Germain, a student at Créapole, has made this short trailer for an animated movie, "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux" – "Girls and Guys from the Summits and the Skies." If you have not seen this yet, you need to watch it. And she needs to make the entire movie, because after seeing this, I want to watch it now. Possibly repeatedly. This is just plain awesome.

More about it here:

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Marshall Brengle commented on a post on Blogger.
I'd probably change "Steel" to "Nerve." Forgetting who I just saw using that in another PbtA game being developed at the moment, but it avoids any confusion with steel as in weaponry as in skill with a blade. You could also maybe combine those kinds of rolls under Finesse or Reason, as in you're too skilled/reasonable to succumb to these supernatural horrors. Because somehow 7 stats in a PbtA game seems like too many. Obviously there's no rules about that, just a gut reaction. Overall I like what you're driving at, and Ravenloft rules so keep at it!

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Weekend too far away? We have just the cure! Continuing the grand tradition of Thirsty Thursdays in Sunnyvale, join us at Murphy's Law for a brew or two (or three!)

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Tomorrow night, we boogie!
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