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Wake Up Call Imperial Coffee Porter – Grand Teton Brewing
                   For the third Cellar Reserve
release of 2016, Grand Teton Brewing re-released a previously popular beer, the Wake Up Call Imperial Coffee Porter .  I
missed the 2011 release of Wake Up Call so, prior to tasting it, I was really
looking fo...

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Gose – Grand Teton Brewing
three of the past four years the May release in the Grand Teton Brewing Cellar Reserve series has been a sour with 2012’s Snarling Badger Berliner Weisse , 2013’s OudBruin , and 2015’s Sour Grand Saison .  This
year’s May release is, onc...

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Brett Saison – Grand Teton Brewing
the past few years Grand Teton Brewing has developed a respectable sour beer
program.  My first exposure to the Grand
Teton sour program was the 2012 Cellar Reserve Release of Snarling Badger Berliner Weisse , which is also the beer that le...

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Eighteen – Central Waters
2012, Central Waters Brewing has released
a Barrel Aged Stout as an anniversary release. 
Beginning with 1414, the annual releases, Fifteen, 16 , and 17 had
represented the epitome of barrel aged stouts, and each has sold out quickly a...

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2016 Double Vision Doppelbock – Grand Teton Brewing
It’s that time of the year again, when the next round of Grand Teton
Cellar Reserve beers is released. 
Leading the pack this year is Double Vision, first brewed in 2009 and
re-released as part of the 2013 Cellar Reserve series and now re-released as
part o...

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Sippin’ on G&J - Mobcraft Beer Co
those very rare occasions when I’m not drinking beer, I am partial to gin.  So when I found out about the Mobcraft Sippin’ on G&J release I was, to put it lightly, intrigued. 
A few years back I tried a gin and tonic beer released by Shor...

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Barrel Aged Witchcraft (2015) - Brenner Brewing Company
The Brenner Brewing Grand Opening took
place the weekend of November 21, 2014. 
One of the featured beers the first Friday of the Grand Opening weekend
was Witchcraft, a 13.1% Russian Imperial stout brewed with 43lbs of Anodyne
Coffee, 144lbs of Kallas Hone...

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Black Cauldron – Grand Teton Brewing
latest Grand Teton Brewing Cellar Reserve beer, Black
Cauldron Imperial Stout, released earlier this month, August 15 th ,
in 750ml bottles.  However if you have
been keeping up with Grand Teton Brewing over the years, you might recogniz...

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Vanilla Wafer Porter – Mobcraft
Many Mobcraft releases are an
interesting take on a style, or a blending of two different styles to create a
unique new product with the potential to be great!  Vanilla Wafer
Porter , Mobcraft’s 20 th release seems a little tamer than many
of the other rece...

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City Fox - Brenner Brewing
                I often try to have a new beer
every night, and while I do have a kegerator I have been through quite a few
commercial kegs and never even thought of getting the same keg more than once.  That changed with City Fox though, the Mosaic
hopped ...
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