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Blueberry Stormcloud
Days 6 and 7 for the poetry writing and I'm still falling back on the good old staple of haiku - and not even technically using the form correctly....   Perhaps just a generic short verse form would suffice.  Still, it's quick and interesting and is a good ...

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I haven't written anything in a VERY long while!   I'm just back from Paris so may well write something about that in a while but for the time being, Maria ( )   and I are w...

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June poetry days - 15, 16, 17.
Glue  Experiment Your colour palette glues me to you Experiment with me and find my truth My meaning is yours so tangle me In your hands and catch my glitter Statuesque Politicise these curves Drag me screaming Your cause is not mine  Go create your storm T...

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June days 12, 13 and 14!
Boxes Knife Ineptitude Ineptitude hides me, boxing me in Hauls me by my scruff and shakes hard Stifles my breath and grinds my teeth Plucks at my skin and leaves a burn Ruins my hair and makes my face a joke But the knife slices me free and the box lies empty.

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June poetry days 10, 11 and 12.
Joy Forest Boxes The box lies on the mat, fat and waiting It sits, ambivalent and pleased with itself While you circle it and wonder why Nothing has been ordered you think And that suspicion creeps fast towards you A joke perhaps or something more Something...

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June days 8 and 9
There's a haiku here, a sure sign of playing poetry catch up! Solitude Solitude wraps me in a blanket and offers a broad shoulder
to cry on Newt A scaled foot in weed, The eye, watching you looking. Blinks and disappears.

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June poetry days 6 and 7 - Sunburn and Sea
The sea carries its sunburn lightly tonight Dipping beneath the waves to sail the sky For the waking of the other side of the world

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June poetry days 4 and 5 - behing already!! Indecision and Mindful
Indecision The indecision is mine The consequence yours I fight my troubled mind While you argue with yours If I turn away it is not in hate I have released you Accept it Mindful Thinking about Creator God The planet The seas People all over the world Every...

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Poetry day 3 - Kettle
Kettle Polly puts the kettle on when she is fed up.   This is a mistake because as she slams the
dented red metal down on the kitchen table, hot water takes its cue and leaps
out.   She watches as the scalding stream
hisses towards her arm, bare to the elbo...

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June poetry day 2 - studio
 I've never been a dancer but this is how I imagine it might feel. Studio the studio is hot and dark there but light right here on go the lamps - bang - and the scene is real feet scratch the surface padding powder puffs trailing damp as a sign that we are ...
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