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Astrology & Monthly Forecast


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January 2018 - Monthly Forecast

On the first day of 2018, on January 1st there is a Full Moon in Cancer (11˚38”) that will opposite not only the Sun, but Venus and Pluto, too. Also, this Full Moon will trine Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, and it will trine Neptune in Pisces. In other words, this Cancer Full Moon will be part of a pattern aspect called The Grand Trine, which in our case is a water grand trine. This pattern occurs when three trines are mutually linked in a large triangular figure. The emphasis on the threeness in this configuration indicates a high degree of harmony, joy and contentment. However, it could bring some sort of sensibility, vulnerability, because water signs are always associated with the emotional world, the deeper side of our existence. Moreover, it’s possible during this date to feel strongly the entire emotional accumulations from last month. You could carry with you some degree of deep attachment, sentimental involvement that might reach a culminating point on this day.

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The most important days of January 2018 based on planetary movements:

January 2nd – Full Moon in Cancer (11˚38”)
January 2nd – Uranus turns direct (24˚34.2” Aries)
January 10th – Mercury enters in Capricorn / will stay in Capricorn until the end of the month January
January 16th – New Moon in Capricorn (26˚54”)
January 18th – Venus enters in Aquarius / will stay in Aquarius until February 10th
January 20th – Sun enters in Aquarius
January 26th – Mars enters in Sagittarius
January 31st – Full Moon = A Total Lunar Eclipse (type T) in Leo (11˚37”)

On December 20th – Saturn enters in its own sign Capricorn. This is the most powerful placement of Saturn that could motivate us to approach life with a deep sense of patience. Saturn rules those things, which provide structure and definition. So, symbolically it could push us to persevere in our discipline in order to achieve the things we have being working on for a while. So, on a positive note, this Saturn’s position may help us materialize our long time dreams. Capricorn is the sign of persevering ambition, which often does not feel fulfilled until it has reached the top of its chosen profession. Saturn being in his own territory will bring superior results, professionally. The only condition here is to work hard and have discipline.

At the universal level, Saturn is linked with authority, tradition, conservatism, law and order. It has influence over the police, law enforcement and government institutions such as the civil service. Also, it symbolizes the older people in a nation and the country’s attitude towards them. So during the next few years you can see or hear a lot about everything I have mentioned above.

On December 18th there is a New Moon in Sagittarius 26˚31"

This New Moon is part of a pattern aspect called Stellium, which means that it will conjunct Venus, Saturn and, of course the Sun. Also, it will trine Uranus and will square Chiron. More than that, this Sagittarius New Moon will semi-square Jupiter, which is the ruler of this New Moon. So, the day may open up some new elements, it may extend our generosity, optimism, beliefs and nevertheless our general view about life could take a gracious form. Some of us (depending of each personal chart) could even have external support to change important life’s elements or to change habits. On the other hand, the day may require some adjustment in terms of expectations, even work on our persona, in order to expand our understanding. All in all, the day may give us a sense of restlessness and the desire to expose ourselves to a new experience. However, the excitement of this day could open up some old wounds that could affect changes in the future. Some of us could unfold old memories, Therefore old things may appear in our spectrum, things that may affect in some way our new beginnings, or at least may delay our future plans.

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A Full Moon will occur on December 3rd (11˚40” Gemini).
This Full Moon may bring a very important message for some of us, because this Full Moon is part of a very important pattern aspect called “Finger of the World” (Moon in Gemini will square Neptune in Pisces. The focal point of this pattern aspect is Mars, which will sesqui-quadrate both Neptune and Moon). Hence, minor obstacles may occur in terms of our actions that could affect our life goals and our beliefs. Also, it could require an adjustment regarding our habits.
At a worldwide level the day could emphasize an important diplomatic message.
Nevertheless on December 3rd Mercury, the ruler of this Full Moon will be retrograde starting with 29˚18” Sagittarius. It will be in retrograde motion until December 23rd when will reach 13˚10” Sagittarius. Hence, those two days, December 3rd and December 23rd will be very important days in December. Actually, this entire time frame will be important in terms of communication, negotiation, agreements, contracts, documents review, learning process, travel or trips.
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The most important days of December 2017 based on planetary movements

December 1st – Venus enters in Sagittarius
December 3rd – Full Moon (11˚ 40” Gemini)
December 3rd – Mercury turns retrograde (29˚-18” Sagittarius) / will stay retrograde until December 23rd (13˚10” Sagittarius)
December 9th – Mars enters in Scorpio / will stay in Scorpio until Jan 26th 2018
December 18th – New Moon (26˚ 31” Sagittarius)
December 20th – Saturn enters in Capricorn
December 22nd – Sun enters in Capricorn
December 23rd – Mercury goes direct (13˚10″ Sagittarius)
December 25th – Venus enters in Capricorn / will stay in Capricorn until Jan 17th 2018

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I noticed that many people already talk about Mercury retrograde and its influence, but according to The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, Mercury will only changes direction on December 3rd (GMT). So if you feel some discomfort in terms of Mercury, it is because it will approach Saturn, making a perfect conjunction on November 28th, one that will gradually separate from right after this date.
Moreover, astrology is such a complex subject and we have to carefully analyze the other important aspects that we will experience before Mercury will turn retrograde. Fore instance: Mars will make a perfect opposition with Uranus on December 1st (25˚Libra/Aries).
Likely many who play around with astrology will make confusion and will associate this major aspect to Mercury retrograde. In fact Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, symbolically taking Mercury’s intellectuality and bring it to a new level of innovation.

On November 28th Mercury will conjunct Saturn. This day could bring inhibition especially in terms of communication, self-expression. So some of us might have difficulty in dealing with others, even it could be difficult to express our thoughts. Also there could be some distant attitude towards others and this may cause rejection. On the other hand, at a very personal level it could determine some of us to be introverted. Reality may create fears, and ultimately anxiety or even depression.

November 22nd could be an intense day, and it could contain a mix of energies. It’s a day of switch. For instance, some old elements or people from our past may appear in our present and it could challenge our attachment, love or even relationships. In the same time new values or a new people may appear in our present and could challenge our future plans. (Venus square both NS and NN). Also, during this day Jupiter sesquisquare Chiron and it may trigger that feeling of mild irritation and frustration.
Then, on November 22nd Sun enters in Sagittarius offering us optimism to fight for what is right for us. Symbolically it could open a wide zone of manifestation, even offering opportunities to explore more, to learn more in order to expand our word view. Hence, Sun will past through Jupiter sign, while Jupiter is transiting Mars and Pluto’s sign – Scorpio. This planetary placement may require us to understand the deeper layer of our world, to transform our belief system and even to regenerate our emotional system. The secrets that could be revealed during this month might have a beneficial impact on us, and automatically could eliminate the darker things that could slow down our regeneration process.
In the same day November 22nd Neptune goes direct (11˚28.0” Pisces). It was in the same degree in February 2017 around 23rd/ 24th....…/

The most important days of November 2017 based on planetary movements

November 4th – Full Moon (11˚ 59” Taurus)
November 6th – Mercury enters in Sagittarius
November 7th – Venus enters in Scorpio
November 18th – New Moon (26˚ 19” Scorpio)
November 22nd – Sun enters in Sagittarius
November 22nd – Neptune goes direct (11˚28” Pisces)

Mars will remain in Libra sign the entire month of November (6˚8.6” – 24˚25.3”)
Jupiter will remain in Scorpio the entire month of November (4˚46.3”-10˚57.9”)
Saturn is transiting Sagittarius sign (24˚39.4” – 27˚42.3”)
Uranus will remain in Aries the entire month of November (26˚0.4” – 25˚1.5”)
Pluto is continued its journeys through Capricorn sign (17˚ 8.0” – 17˚ 47.2”)
See if you have natal planets in or between those points (degrees). If you do, then you may experience the life differently, more intense then others. For a more detailed analysis of these aspects visit my website:
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