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Lessons Learned - everything in our life's is intertwined. Sleeping and Remembering are connected.

Action item > let me sleep on it :)

My lessons learned. I only have a few apps (mini dialer, camera, citi mapper, agenda and flashlight) running and if I reboot the watch after charging - it seems to drop to ~75% within 4 hours, then holds the charge well (down to 45 after 24 hours). Rebooting after charging seems to help.

AllConnect works great with Note2 and PicoAir! Much better than any other app I tried. Great job !

Any chance that document streaming can be supported (specifically powerpoint) ?

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Post has attachment is no longer active.

Please visit my updated blog at !

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Streaming the superbowl and elementary simultaneously from Effective use of commercial breaks by a tv consumer :-)

Got my screen divided in four windows: live player in one, #cbssuperbowl  tweets in the other, my live google+ hangout in the other and my google+ stream in the 4th - the new multimedia event experience.

I started a hangout while watching the Superbowl - let me know if you want join in.
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