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Jerry Armstrong
Vegan Ultra-Endurance Athlete/Coach, Writer, Full-time Ninja
Vegan Ultra-Endurance Athlete/Coach, Writer, Full-time Ninja
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Sometimes being last place is a true gift :)

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Dead F*ing Last: Sheep Mountain 50
The Sheep Mountain 50 mile course is one of the most beautiful races I have ever run. Starting in Fairplay, the run moves through majestic alpine... rough mountain terrain. The visuals are inspiring and positive energy surrounds. The runners, the volunteers...

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After two requests for a post on vegan nutrition...a glimpse of why and how to make a plant-based diet work in a busy life.

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Going Vegan: Plant-Based Nutrition for Athletes
Weird Vegan Food :) I've been a plant-based endurance athlete for
over 7 years. It is seldom that I think consciously about these nutrition
choices because I am fully adapted to making food choices free of animal
products. Recent inquires lead me to put thi...

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Continuing the series for the beginning ultramarathon runner. Enjoy :)

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5 Hacks of the Weathered Ultrarunner
Tips and
tricks? Heck yeah! I’m talking about those little short-cuts and techniques
that you pick up after doing something for a long time. It’s like grandma’s
spaghetti sauce. Some of these tricks were passed down to me from fellow
runners   and others I ...

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Endurance Nutrition 101: Beginner Ultramarathon
In this
article, I will speak on the topic of endurance nutrition for the new
ultrarunner. The information is guided toward those new to the sport and
explained to those new to endurance nutrition for long distance running. "How do I fuel for long runs?" A ...

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Daily Strength Training for Runners
Runners like
to run! Unfortunately, when all we do is run…we drive our bodies to be quite imbalanced physically. These imblances can lead to overuse injuries,
inflexibilty, stiffness, soreness, hampered gait, and othe issues. Trail
running, especially rugge...
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