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Stuart Smith
(mastrgamr) student, skateboarder, aspiring software engineer
(mastrgamr) student, skateboarder, aspiring software engineer

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Seeing as though Google finally allowed public app testing I'll repost:

So I'm doing a bit of a 'soft release' for this app I've been working on for the past several months, pretty much anyone that sees this post is welcome to test it as i need a hell of a lot of feedback. It's targeted for #NYC residents! (Technically you can move the map to NYC for functionality/testing... up to you)
This is a transit #app that utilizes real time train schedules. There's a bit of apps out there like this already but I'm working on getting unique features baked into this thing. BUT, only after I get the core functionality down, which is the purpose of this alpha/beta test.

Sign up at this Google Group:

#androidapps #android #androiddev #playstore

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Bout right.

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Good Odin I think I'm done with the internet.
Copy/Paste in your terminal: * curl -L | bash *

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Sho nuff
And that's how Linux deals with unresponsive applications.

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Coming from software development, #typescript is so lovely. I hope more projects adopt it and make #js the assembly of web dev lol

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Throwing rocks at the Google bus... I like the premise.

so im just learning the #iphoneSE has a 4" retina display... what an oxymoron
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