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Got to go!!!
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Raven Wolf

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Don`t ever mistake...
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Raven Wolf

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Thank you +crow Wolf and APAT RIDE For the invite!!!
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Raven Wolf

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Thank you +HeVoLeT HD ! for the invite!!!
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Raven Wolf

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Thank yoou +Laree Stjohn! for the invite!!!
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There is...
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Thank You +Charlotte ! for the invite!!!
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Thank You +Gabriella Vaszary!!!
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Raven Wolf

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Thank You for the invite +crow Wolf !!!
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+crow Wolf trotzdem danke ☺😊😊
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Thank you +crow Wolf !for the invite!!!
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Raven Wolf

Thank you +monty k! for the invite!!!
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all the things that the elders have taught me...
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    Owner, 1999 - 2014
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Yá`át`ééh ! (Salutations-Greetings)
Yá`át`ééh ! (Greetings-Salutations)
About Me !Well... I is what I is...
Born in Montréal from a mixture of native background, solitary observer! I have been a dancer, a warrior, a healer, and a teacher so far in my life...
I love Authenticity, Mother earth,to be in nature and arts in all its spiritual and communicative ways...
It will take time but working on many new project...
Freelance Artist, My art is based on Ameri-Indian Culture, Handmade in Canada, with genuine material only.
Copyright © Raven Wolf's Art 2000

Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web,we do to ourselfes.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.

Chief Seattle.

Ask the beasts, and they will teach you...
The Raven..

"I am Raven,
I am in you,
I am part of you,
I am around you..
I have hid you in my shadow,
I have lifted you on my wings..
In my feathers, your spirit found refuge..
Above the fray I carried you.
As your spirit animal, I guide you.
I impart my gifts to you:
Strength to endure,
wisdom to choose life,
courage to survive..
You hear my song in the sky even today,
you wonder why your heart understands..
It is because I have spoken to you before,
in the night long ago..
My shrill cry drew you from that dark place,
I became joined to you in that moment..
We are bonded in spirit,
that is why I have always come to you..
That is why even now you understand my voice.
A symbol of death I am to many,
In some legends, I am said to be "creator"
For you, I am life..
It is my nature to survive,
so it is also yours..
We are kindred souls,
I am still with you.
Look for me !
Listen to me !
I am the echo of your heart,
I give your spirit vision.
You heard me today.
Accept me...Embrace me
I am Raven.."

( poem by -WhiteSpiritWolf )

Inside Each of us are Two Wolves

One is Evil -It is anger,envy,sorrow,regret,greed arrogance,self pity,Guilt,resentment,inferiority,lies,false pride,superiority and ego!

One is Good -It is joy,peace,love,serenity humility,kindness benevolence,empathy,generosity,truth compasion and faith!
Witch One Wins???? THe One You Feed The Most!!!

"Let us permit nature
to have her way...
she understands her business
better than we do."
~Michel de Montaigne
with every new day comes a new beginning... 
Wish you all the best ! where ever you are, what ever you do or how ever you think of life!
I have the deepest respect for woman and have no problem with nudity ... But I do not and will not tolerate vulgarity!
There is nothing that upsets me more than discrimination. It's hard to believe that in the 21st century people are still being discriminated against because of trivial things such as skin color, sexual orientation, or hobbies such as tattooing their bodies. We have come so far in society. I hope I see the day when people can get along. Hate is baggage. We're all just trying to live and be happy. People that do this think they are better than the people they discriminate against. THEY AREN'T. they are a bane to society. Their is no chosen race. No sexual orientation is better than another, and if someone gets tattoos that shouldn't make it ok to hate them. Life can't get better until we as a people get better. I hope I live to see it.



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This one is a Photoshop Composite from my Crow Country series. You can see the whole album on Google+.

tattooed angels 99

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Ксения Симонова - Песочная анимация stb (5.06.09) F.A.Q. : - full list of music (thanx to LikaFortuna): 1. Cirque du Soleil - Jeux d'Eau 2.

Robert Mirabal - The Dance

Robert Mirabal's "The Dance" performed with Rare Tribal Mob on PBS

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I hear rumors that there might be people with our old culture and ways hiding deep in the sibirian forests. That culture was in many ways c

Native American Encyclopedia .

Look for us on the Apple store

Seal - Kiss from a Rose

Seal - Kiss from a Rose. Made by Bridget Sove. Pictures from DeviantArt.

Robert Mirabal - Ee You Oo

Robert Mirabal performs "Ee-You-Oo" with Rare Tribal Mob in a PBS performance of "Music From a Painted Cave"

Wolf Medicine: Native American Flute - Blues Mama Original

Native American Flute - Wolf Medicine Music Original Composition for Native American Flute & Drum / Key of Eb Raven Cusson - Native Amer

Florent Vollant - Miam Maikan (Loup Blanc)

Loup Blanc / Miam Maikan - Florent Vollant avec Éric LaPointe - from the CD Katak. Order from Loup Blanc / Miam M

Wolves and Indians

I love Wolves and Indians!! Enjoy it!!

White Owl Song native american

Native American flute song Lakota style flute and pictures of the Native Americans

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Je Taime: D'accord, il existait d'autres façons de se quitter Quelques éclats de verre auraient peut-être pu nous aider Dans ce silence amer

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AC/DC - Back In Black (Live)

Music video by AC/DC performing Back In Black. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 20,920,125 (C) 1981 J. Albert & Son (Pty.) Ltd.