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Danny Bixby
I try to make things suck less.
I try to make things suck less.

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Happy for Jenny, she got hired by Pinnacle Sign today! And now she'll see Dan Cogswell exponentially more than I will...

Brooke goes on a field trip to skateland every Friday. Today, I'm going with her. Her excitement level is at orange.

Never underestimate the importance of believing in your spouse. Glad Jenny is much better at this than I am :)

Great time with Sonja Needham & Dan Cogswell. Some of the longest tenured members of our team...and always on board, trusting & encouraging.

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Brooke's been wanting to go to Jumpin' Joey's, pretty sweet groupon for them:

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Good post from my Pastor Tommy Sparger today. Those hypothetical comments look oddly familiar...

Watching "Defiance," I expect this to be like Braveheart...but with Nazis instead of the British. Don't disappoint me, Daniel Craig!

Great lunch with some amazing group leaders today! Crazy hearts for serving and for people. Awesome :)

Negativity in an organization is like a drop of poison in a bucket of water.

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Without good systems in place, you'll unwittingly sabotage growth at every turn:
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