Here is the edited video from last week's Google+ platform office hours.

We spent the first half of the show live coding a jQuery plugin that fetched recent public activity from a Google+ profile or page for inclusion on your website. Get the source code:

1:15 - - A demo of the implemented plugin
2:04 - - The design of the plugin
2:57 - The coding begins!
- Use the Google+ badge config tool to discover your userId ( or follow these instructions for pages:

17:10 - - Is there any kind of beta group that I can join for Google+?
- Sign up for for the publisher preview group -
19:03 - - When will the API be available?
20:11 - - When will there be more moderation tools for hangouts?
21:36 - - How do I get Hangouts on air?
22:18 - - An update on last week's report of Google Analytics social actions not agreeing with the +1 button count
25:53 - - How do I join the hangout for these office hours?
26:44 - - Using the activities search API is there any way to only see new activities?
28:18 - - An announcement about our future office hours schedule
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