Our Google+ Platform Office hours are about to begin. You can watch the video here, or on Developers Live: http://goo.gl/vgo1i

3:37 - http://goo.gl/Bq1mB - Introducing Gus
4:30 - http://goo.gl/8m5yk - What is a snippet?
6:39 - http://goo.gl/mmf4X - As a content producer why do I care about snippets? 
 - (Sorry about the missing audio) - Because you, as the content producer know how your content should be displayed elsewhere on the web. Snippets give you control over it
7:40 - http://goo.gl/NGtsP - How do I add snippets to my site?
9:09 - http://goo.gl/Nekdd - The snippet code generator tool: https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/snippet/
10:53 - http://goo.gl/grCxz - Can you use an external site to host images?
 - (More missing audio) - Yup! You can include them cross domain, for example if you use a content distribution network, but only include URLs you control.
12:48 - http://goo.gl/hCPLB - schema.org and its many schemas
15:56 - http://goo.gl/bLKbC - Snippets on the Google+ history API
18:30 - http://goo.gl/pslFI - How do you verify schema.org markup?
- Rich Snippet Testing Tool: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets
- MicroBeta Chrome Extension: http://goo.gl/EPwYS
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