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Beckey Dodds
Avid blogger, cook and wife
Avid blogger, cook and wife


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More Photos Of My Makes

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Photos Of Some Of My Makes This Year

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Remembrance Bears
I do a lot of crochet at the
moment, amigurumi is my absolute favourite to do, probably because it is made
up of many smaller parts, which makes it finished quickly and varied at the same
time.   I used to give money to Charity on
a regular basis and I tech...

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I Miss Blogging
It has been awhile since my last post, knowing what to blog about is difficult. I love to blog there is a certain freedom in writing and then posting something that has come from your soul. The problem I have though is that, I am SOOOOO boring. Which obviou...

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What to do now?
What to do now? I started this
year feeling optimistic that things were on the up and going to change for the better.
Don’t get me wrong I love my husband dearly and I am always proud of him no
matter what, but this year yet again things aren’t good for us....

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Fragrant Chicken
In late September of 2013 our
eldest started university, a proud moment to say the least. Of course you’ll
say that I am bias, which if it had been anyone else I could understand and
possible agree, however we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter ins...

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Cotton Candy Cupcakes
I’m bored and what’s more I no
longer feel as though there is much validity behind my cooking. Sure I have
evolved tremendously in the past few years, I can pretty much cook and nail
anything even my “baking nemesis” is less of a problem for me now and much...

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Tuna wrapped in Herbs
I think we all have our demons,
past experiences that shape the way we live our lives, or see potential friends
and partners. Much of the way I live my life today has vastly been influenced by
my past, which is ultimately where my cooking obsession has come...

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Vegetable Curry
I like to try recipes that are a
little out of the ordinary for me, nothing too obscure but recipes that I would
normally skip over in favour of playing it safe. Although vegetable curry doesn’t   sound that adventurous, for me it is because
I would have on...
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