I just saw a video of michelle bachmann on YouTube announcing that she's running for President. Sadly it doesn't allow for comments, ratings, or even video responses.

I'm sure she doesn't want you to see all of the comments about how crazy she is that would surely appear there, but I would think that someone seeking the highest office in our government - an office charged with protecting our rights - would have more respect for our right to free speech, which while it can technically be limited in places on YouTube, is generally instead open and lively (if sometimes overly-crass) in that forum.

Choosing to muzzle us says one of two things to me: "I don't care what you have to say and I don't want to hear it." or "I care more about what my campaign handlers tell me to do than I do about hearing what the people I'm speaking to have to say."

Here's a somewhat better video of her showing a little of her crazy. It's just one random one of probably hundreds or more. If you've ever considered supporting her, check out some more videos of her and I doubt you'll want to support her anymore.
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