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Anyone who is near one of these places and willing to go to court to fight unjust laws should consider taking pictures or video of them.

These laws are completely wrong and the only way we're likely to get rid of them is by breaking them and forcing the issue in court, or having more defendants than they're willing to prosecute for this.

Plus, if people actually see what's going on it will sway opinions away from the "farms" and toward the people documenting what goes on there.

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Why do people have to prove this to themselves over and over again!? ;)

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Since I have so many family members who are new parents... ;)

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If you're interested in RPG games and/or Japanese language, you might want to check this out today.  The game won't be done for a while, but it looks like it'll be good when it's finished.  It'll be even better if more people put up some more money for development though!  They'll be able to add new features and more content.

Just 47 hours left to get some nice bonuses for supporting the development of the game, so if you're interested check it out, or at least share it with your friends in case they want to get in on it! :)

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As an incentive to encourage people to vote next Tuesday, CodeWeavers has decided to give a FREE copy of CrossOver and a full year of updates to anyone who goes to on Halloween!

If you use Linux or MacOS X and you want to run programs written to run on windows without actually running windows in any way, this is your best choice.

It doesn't run all windows programs, but there's a lot that it does run, and you don't have to pay microsoft a cent!  If you need to actually run windows for something though, I would recommend VMWare as a virtual machine. :)

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Wow...I didn't know they were that close to extinction.  They're not the only rhino species in the world, but they are a unique and irreplaceable evolutionary line that humans have needlessly destroyed.  If we continue to ravage the world the way we're doing now, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the rhinos go, along with many of the other amazing animals we take for granted.

Even if there's not much you can do for these particular animals, please take this as a wakeup call and start to learn what kind of impact your lifestyle, the things you buy, and especially what you eat have on the rest of the world.

If you haven't already researched it thoroughly, you will be amazed, and I hope that you'll help make some positive changes before we do too much more damage that we can't repair.

Good luck to the last few survivors, to the people trying to protect them, and to all of us who are losing the amazing richness of our planet at a staggering rate.
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Armed Bodyguards Flank One of the World's 7 Last Remaining Northern White Rhinos, Guarded Around The Clock

The Northern White Rhino is on the brink of extinction, and the odds of survival for the species are very slim. There are only 2 females alive on the entire planet. 

Retired NBA star Yao Ming went there last month to film a documentary and to blog about the experience and to raise awareness of the issue. This is what will happen to to our largest remaining African mammals if we do not raise awareness of the problem. Rhino horns and Elephant ivory are in extreme demand from growing Chinese markets.

From Ol Pejeta's webpage: "China is the world’s largest consumer of illegal wildlife parts and products and the most prominent destination for rhino horn and ivory. Already unsustainable, the potential market is rapidly growing. Current projections suggest that there will be around 250 million new middle class consumers over the next 10-15 years. A combination of old customs and traditions with new money, conspicuous consumption and powerful new aspirations are driving expansion in the use of wildlife parts and products in China. But the excuse of “tradition” will be exposed showing it’s actually a question of economics and lack of knowledge." 

The other species of rhino and the elephant can easily follow. Top ocean predators like some types of sharks are also in danger, with the demand for shark fin soup. Boycott shark fin soup if you ever see it on a menu; if you ever see ivory for sale, do not buy it; speak up about the source of the problem.

Many people are misinformed about ivory and rhino horn. They believe it can grow back. In truth, it cannot, and its removal kills the animal. The problem with having "old ivory" is that many times poachers and resellers of ivory market the new ivory as "old." This is why African countries concerned about conservation have chosen to burn their stocks of ivory rather than sell them. We must protect our diversity or it will be completely gone in a few decades. 


#Conservation   #SpeciesExtinction

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Whether or not you oppose letting the government carry out executions at all, I hope that you will at least oppose executing people under circumstances like these.  An online petition may not be enough to save his life, but i think it's worth a minute of ours to try.

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There's some more cool stuff to it than that, but the fact that long cat can now be both long and completely on the screen is quite an important feature!

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I'm guessing that this particular video idea never grew in the garden of Mister Rogers's mind, but I think he'd approve.
This is amazing. Must watch.

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