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Let's educate about cannabis and it's true value to civilization.
Let's educate about cannabis and it's true value to civilization.


In order to expand our community in other ways, I have decided to create 5 additional Facebook groups because, let's face it, they work very well in driving community. If you wish to join there I am going to list them below. As always, your support is appreciated and if this is of no interest, just ignore it. My goal is to bring as many people together across all platforms.

Medical Info:
General Info:
420 Anything:

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I was nervous that this community was gone last week after 18 months of building it. It was a stark reminder that we are at the mercy of Google. Thank you to those that have helped get us this far and I know we will continue to grow.

It could easily happen again and maybe we won't be so lucky. If that does happen please remember that we have a safe place to call home that is not at the mercy of a social media giant. If the community disappears one day please come to the actual site and connect with everyone.

We are still working very hard to create a home for all. Thank you to everyone!

#marijuana #cannabis #homegrow #maryjane #trees

This is a community update (website, not G+). I have made the decision to turn back on email notifications, but they are controllable in the settings. It will be opt-in only and will be back next week sometime. The new website will be up today, but ready for views on Monday. I will post the link then. It will be a full fledged chat and more of a real-time forum to start with. It's a big project that will expand as the community grows.

After talking to Lymmie yesterday, we have decided to delete dormant accounts on the site in order to clear the dead weight. We want to try to reinvigorate the community. I want to grow the Wiki and community content. My gem out of everything we have are the groups, but we are not at a level to really fill these areas. I hope to bring awareness of the features to this community. We have a lot of awesome people helping out!

I will be working on our survey and quizzes website this coming week too. In total, Ted's has 3 separate websites right now. They all do different things, but they are all part of one family. This is a passion project for me and I have been doing it since 2013. I just wanted to give a quick update on what we are doing. If you have questions or comments please feel free to let me know.

Ted's Marijuana - Surveys, Events, Quizzes
Ted's Marijuana Forum - Community for all to include businesses.
Teds MJ - Community for people

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Did anyone catch the latest VICE? The first half is about blindness, but the second is about the corporate side of growing cannabis. Crazy stuff when you think about the rich trying to muscle out the frontline supporters of legalization. I hope people grow their own or support their mom & pop farms. We need to make sure Big Marijuana doesn't erase the hard work people put in.

A reminder to read the rules. If your first post is selling something or self-promotion...stop. If any of your posts are that...stop. I check the community on a regular basis and I ban all accounts that are here to spam. This is a community to share information and connect with people.

If you buy anything from someone on this group and have issues then please do not complain here. This is not a buy & sell community. As we reach 1,000 members I think it's important to pin this post for all new members to see.

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Another great content creator hailing from Canada as a medical marijuana patient is Green Grow Spaces. He is creating awesome content on YouTube and connecting with other growers. I love his stuff and please share and check his stuff out.

As with everything I push, it's unsolicited, not sponsored or anything else. I only share what I care about. Below is his channel, and he has plenty of videos to go through!
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I made a decision to highlight people in the #marijuana niche to share daily for 30 days. I wanted to see how it goes and if it helps. Today I shared +Freedom Grower and this is the first time I will include the community.

He is a YouTuber and knows how to grow. I want to get his name out there and help him reach new eyes. He is a good dude and this is not sponsored in any way. I only share what I find and like. He is doing good stuff so it's worth my time to push his efforts to the TMF audience.

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Another good channel I found on YouTube is from +Captain Kind Bud. Lots of videos on growing and it's good to be around such an amazing community. Here is a video that was uploaded recently.

#marijuana #cannabis #growing #homegrow
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Today my favorite new find is from a YouTuber I just found. Owlsandsmoke is a cool mix of growing and vlogging. This video is from a few weeks ago, but worth an intro. +owlsandsmoke

Also a shoutout to +Freedom Grower and +Captain Kind Bud as well. Thanks to these 3 for creating great content in the #marijuana niche.
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Just to share with the group a couple of things to help make this G+ community better.

1. There is no selling or buying in this group. If you choose to then it's at your own risk. If you post offers selling I typically delete the post and for repeat offenders I often ban you from the community.

2. If you are here to only push your videos, blog posts, or only your content then I typically delete your posts. It is so easy to tell when it's self-promotion. You are wasting your time posting here if this is the only thing you joined to do.

3. If the deal sounds too good to be true it's because it is 99.99% of the time. This community is not a place of business whether it's some crazy strain you should try or a t-shirt from teespring. Make your own group if you want to do that.

4. Report issues and let me know if you run into something that others can avoid. Don't spam the group. All this does is piss me off while I am removing your posts over coffee. Why make moderating harder when 1 post can do the job? By all means, make 1 post.
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