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Keeps telling me "Not on air now. Try later." What does this mean? It's my first one!

"Hangouts not available now" This is my first one ever. It MUST be available and I must be doing something wrong. But I can't guess.

Here's what I did:
1. Opened my interface (Webinar Jam)
2. Signed into Google with the Hangouts account that talks to my YouTube account
3. Tried to open the hangout.
4. Got error message

Logged out.
Opened just Google hangouts and found this page.
STILL can't make it tell me how to start a Google HAngout on Air!


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This is the VIP lab for authors who want info on marketing their books.

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Why video blogging is a GREAT way to promote your book - now or after it is published.

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To sell a nonfiction book, you need to first write a proposal. This video helps you learn how.

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Wondering how in the world you can be a consistently better writer? Pick the peak time aligned with your body.

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Wondering what you can write that will appeal to publishers? Start here!

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This video helps you figure out WHY agents or publishers are turning down your book - once and for all!

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