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Vaughan Williams
Daw fe ddaw yr awr!
Daw fe ddaw yr awr!


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London Road Litter Pickers - taking pride in our community (LRLP)
Well, we said we'd be proactive and much to the surprise and shock of many we've kept to our word. Cllr Keith Thomas and I established the London Road Litter Pickers (LRLP) group. We've held numerous sessions, normally on a Sunday afternoon in different par...

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Election to Holyhead Town Council (London Road Ward)
delighted to announce that I’ve been elected Town Councillor for the London
Road Ward in Holyhead. It is a
challenge I am very much looking forward to accepting. My only promise is that
I will listen to the people of the Ward and represent them to the v...

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Remembrance Sunday - 2016
I was honoured this year to attend the Remembrance Sunday commemoration in Holyhead. My role, apart from showing respect for those who'd paid the ultimate sacrifice was also to lay a reef at the foot of the Cenotaph on behalf of Rhun ap Iorwerth, Plaid Cymr...

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Aberconwy Speech (Pro Welsh Independence)
Ø   Son am y canlyniad – yma heddiw dan gysgod. Siomedigaeth, yr awr tywyllach ydy’r un iddi gwawrio. Angen trafodaeth genedlaethol, angen tanio dychymyg pobl Cymru, angen ysbrydoli, angen herio, angen hybu, angen i gerdded yn gryf ac i rannu ein gweledigae...

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Poverty and Trident Renewal
Trident and poverty. Those of you who know me either personally or on Twitter etc will know that I'm a keen anti-poverty campaigner. My mantra is and has always been that POVERTY ISN'T INEVITABLE and to paraphrase Nelson Mandela "it like racism is man-made ...

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Exit stage right – David Cameron, a big gay thanks.
Exit stage right – David Cameron, a big gay thanks. The curtain has now fallen on David Cameron’s premiership. It’s over.
Historians and academics will pour over Cameron’s record on over-inflated wages
and give us their views during the coming decades. Thos...

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Ynys Mon - 2016
Ynys M ôn Well, what a night! The Mother of Wales (M ôn Mam Cymru) has spoken with one strong voice. I had the honour of working for Rhun during this campaign and enjoyed every minute of it. It was a pleasure. Seeing his family celebrating with him last nig...

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Unleash the Dragon!
Plaid Cymru's final conference before May's Election has now ended. Regrettably I've been somewhat forced to watch event from afar... sod's law of course, buy a house, financially exhausted as a consequence and the car goes BOOM in Caernarfon on a cold Satu...

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Review of 2015! What a year! I mean it, what a year! It’s flown by. 2016 is
upon us already, and what a year that promises to be too... Where to start? The election in Llanelli, new job in County
School Holyhead, losing Taid not just my granddad but a great...

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Carwyn Jones on tour! Don't miss out!
Yes he's realised Wales exists outside Cardiff & Bridgend! Can you
sense the buzz? The  excitement ! The anticipation! God, I can barely contain my  excitement . Many a restless night across Wales recently but not due to the sweltering heat but due to the  ...
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