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Dave Lockwood
Computer Geek, Gamer, Husband, Maker, Engineer, and a Dreamer..
Computer Geek, Gamer, Husband, Maker, Engineer, and a Dreamer..


Hey guys! I know it has been awhile but are you all still active?

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If anyone is feeling adventurous, I am thinking about working on this project for the space.  There is a fair amount of printing, assembly, etc. Overall costs are pretty low if we print out own parts. Let me know if anyone is interested. 
See the needed parts below.

Printed Parts Needed:
4  - Corner Block  - Printed by Dave (White ABS) But has some Cracks         
0  - Corner Block Locks  - Printed by Dave (White ABS)
4  - Roller F                      
4  - roller lock      
4  - Roller Motor Mount   
1  - z motor mount    
1  - z nut lock   
2  - Middle Joiner    
4  - Middle Z     
2  - Middle End   
2  - Tool Holder 13mm     
2  - Tool Holder Nut Trap     
1  - Rigid Coupler 5_16 to 5mm    

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For anyone who still owns some of the early generation Replicators, someone has figured out how to make Octoprint work with them.  I've been doing some test prints and everything is working as you would expect.

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If anyone is looking for a cheap starter printer, Solidoodle is selling refurb printers for $299 and $399 on their site.

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Looking like Reddit is gearing up for another Internet Blackout on May 15th to protest the FCC's Faux Net Neutrality.  

You should give these guys your support if you feel the same way I do about Net Neutrality.
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Here comes the great failing of the FCC.  Expect peering related subscriptions to start rolling to the consumer if this crap is true.
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Spring has arrived in Daytona!  The bikers have departed and now it is the season of the beach bum.

Here I am just imaging PowerEdge Servers....
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Not Today!
Java updates are becoming as annoying as acrobat.

#Geekhumor   #Funny   #LOL   #Java   #Programming   #Update   #GameOfThrones  
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