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Fundraising to build the Taíno Museum
Fundraising to build the Taíno Museum

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Since near 50 years, Kathy Dicquemare (80+) has bring together more than 5,000 pre-Columbian artifacts, the majority of which are Taíno pan-Caribbean archaeological objects from Haiti. This is from far the first unique Private Collection on Taíno People up to now.

Since 2009, Kathy has create the KATHY DICQUEMARE FOUNDATION, a non profit organisation. The main purpose of the foundation is to build the first national Taíno Museum to share this collection with the public. While protecting the collection of the foundation, the museum has an educational objective to make discover the Taíno culture to the largest number of people.

As soon as the project is fully sustainable and financed, the construction of the Taíno Museum building will start. The Museum is hosted inside the Cormier Beach Resort area, north of Haiti.

Visit Taino Museum in Haiti website:
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Thank you for your contribution and help !

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Made a donation campaign

Up to now, you can only visit the Taíno Museum virtually on this website. $300 000 is needed to build the Museum in a safe and accessible environment and to preserve the collection.

The Museum will be located in Cormier Beach Resort, one of the best resort in the North of Haiti.

Donation are done through Paypal only.
Kathy thanks you for your precious help.

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The indigenous people had no nails, no screws, no sticky tape, and no good glue, so they used string and rope to hold things together. They picked up things like roots, berries, oysters, clams, and other shellfish for eating and they used baskets for bringing home what they had gathered. Unfortunately, baskets or strings do not last very long when buried in the ground and only a few have been found by archaeologists. So the analysis of stone and shell tools is important to prove the use of this perishable material.

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