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I was chosen as one of 30 people to be a part of this launch party.  Truly happy +ASUS let me be a part of this event.  Plus i left with a phone to replace my +OnePlus.  Think the term #flagshipkiller  has changed hands.  This phone is great!  Price point is amazing.  It just feels perfect in my hand.  Thanks again Asus for knowing how to treat your customers and fans!   #asusfanboyforlife

#zenfone2   #nyc   #zenfone  

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I just won a #zenfone2  and i get to go to the launch party on Monday!  Super great weekend for myself and tech toys.  Thanks so much +ASUS !!!! 

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I have 3 invites for the One Plus One that expire in 16 hours.  Anyone interested? #oneplusinvite #oneplusoneinvite #opo #oneplusone

Only 1 left now!  #oneplus

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Someone help my friend get an inbox invite!   #googleinbox   #inboxinvite  

Seems like people who ask for a Google inbox invite in a post get it quicker than trying to hunt down the people who are giving them away.  so here is my post asking if someone could hook a brother up with an invite.  Ill be your best friend...

#googleinbox   #inboxinvite  

sitting on g+ waiting for someone to post that they have google inbox invites to share.... tick tock.... the wait is killing me!

My OnePLUS one is rooted and running Paranoid Android.  Kept original camera and gallery from CM11s though.  This phone is still awesome.  

#oneplusone   #opo   #oneplus   #android   #root  
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