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I was chosen as one of 30 people to be a part of this launch party.  Truly happy +ASUS let me be a part of this event.  Plus i left with a phone to replace my +OnePlus.  Think the term #flagshipkiller  has changed hands.  This phone is great!  Price point is amazing.  It just feels perfect in my hand.  Thanks again Asus for knowing how to treat your customers and fans!   #asusfanboyforlife

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+Fiat500Lover Yeah 4gb model. 
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I have 3 invites for the One Plus One that expire in 16 hours.  Anyone interested? #oneplusinvite #oneplusoneinvite #opo #oneplusone

Only 1 left now!  #oneplus
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All gone guys. Sorry. Thought I would have had a quicker response on g+. Got rid of them all on Twitter. 
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Someone help my friend get an inbox invite!   #googleinbox   #inboxinvite  
Please hook a brother up. #GoogleInbox #InboxInvite 
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sitting on g+ waiting for someone to post that they have google inbox invites to share.... tick tock.... the wait is killing me!
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Its here!

First impressions -
The back of this phone feels awesome.  I am upgrading from an HTC One X so i was shocked at the size difference but it feels comfortable in your hand.  The power and volume buttons are in a great spot.  The phone is super quick.  There is no yellowing on the bottom of the screen nor do i feel like when i hit the home key that there is a lag.  This could also be because i am upgrading from a 2 year old phone. The packaging and presentation were really nice.  

The only con so far is that this charger wall adapter is quite large.

Going to eat and then its time to root this thing!

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+Angel Pal ahh yeah I had that problem for a bit. 
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I just won a #zenfone2  and i get to go to the launch party on Monday!  Super great weekend for myself and tech toys.  Thanks so much +ASUS !!!! 
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Hate this pagan holiday. 
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+Janet Rainer Christmas is in September. 
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Seems like people who ask for a Google inbox invite in a post get it quicker than trying to hunt down the people who are giving them away.  so here is my post asking if someone could hook a brother up with an invite.  Ill be your best friend...

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Oh ok 
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My OnePLUS one is rooted and running Paranoid Android.  Kept original camera and gallery from CM11s though.  This phone is still awesome.  

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Great room and amenities. The people were very friendly. And the price was very good.
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The food here is amazing! The staff is friendly and very quick to take my order and also checks up on me often to see if i need anything during my meal. Music and decor are a perfect match. Very easy to pull in and out of the parking lot which also has many spots. Perfect meal after a long day of shopping.
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Staff is super friendly. Food is amazing. Right down to the presentation on the plate. It was delicious!
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If i could give this branch 0 stars i would.
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I had an emergency and called before I came in. I was seen immediately and Dr. Shull and his assistants helped to calm us down as well as attend to my dog. Overall the procedure was fast, they knew what they were doing from the get go, and their bedside manner was above and beyond amazing.
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Our dog is on a prey model raw diet and he loves all the food we get from here. Many different blends which for us cuts down on a bit of prep. Their menu is updated often with new products as the seasons change.
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Courtney has been piercing for over 10 years and is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers which means she uses the best quality jewelry and goes above and beyond her provinces health and safety requirements. You'll find beautiful jewelry from companies like Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Leroi, and BVLA at her studio. Courtney is extremely educated and is always available to answer any of your questions. If you live in Alberta you'll definitely want to see her for your next piercing!
• • •
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