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Contact us today to help you create a lasting memorial for your loved ones!
Contact us today to help you create a lasting memorial for your loved ones!
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When it comes to customizing a monument or memorial, the type of material you select is going to in part dictate the options you have available to you. This might include color, text font, and additional embellishments or carvings that you may want to add.

Did you know that the Eternal Light Peace Memorial was dedicated on the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on July 3, 1938? This was the last joint reunion of the Blue and Gray.

One of the benefits of customizing your monument or memorial is that you can personalize it to reflect your loved one. Here, you have a wide range of options in terms of styles, shapes (such as hearts, crosses, and angels), and colors.

We recognize that someone’s time of grief is an inappropriate time to force high-pressure sales tactics on them. Instead, let’s talk about the life your loved one lived and the way you want to remember them so that we can help you find the best memorial marker.

There is actually no standard recommended amount of time that needs to pass to allow the settling of the soil on the grave before setting a monument onto the lot. Typically, the monument is installed a couple of weeks after the loss of a loved one.

When it comes to granite memorials, you have many colors to choose from. Go with a gray variation for a classic look, or choose from the brown granite family, all which give off a very heartwarming appearance.

Did you know that eagles are often seen on gravestones of Civil War veterans? A double-headed eagle, on the other hand, is a Masonic symbol and part of the Scottish Rite. It symbolizes the 32nd degree of this Rite.

When it comes to choosing a monument or memorial, your biggest priority is to find something that will accurately reflect the person to whom it is dedicated. You will have plenty of options in terms of the type of monument, material, and any customization you may desire.

Monuments and memorials are extremely personal. If you have clear ideas of what you do or don't want, please let your family members know. In the case of the unexpected or unthinkable, by communicating your desires, you make it easier on them.

Because of their extensive landscaping, many cemeteries are considered park-like in appearance and may even be popular as tourist attractions. In fact, the presence of monuments in public cemeteries makes them more unique and interesting for visitors.
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