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Tag your friends that are fellow fiction writers! <3 #amwriting #witandtravesty
So third novel, eh? How can I be working on a third project when I haven’t published the other two yet? I’m currently tweaking my query letter skills as I solicit for a literary agent for Destiny Seeker, and I have Speechless that has blossomed under…

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My website was down for a while, but now it's back up and I'm so thrilled! Mainly because I finally get to share this post with you: my top go-to podcasts. Any suggestions on particularly nerdy or geeky podcasts?

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My husband and I made custom lightsabers through SaberForge and even created our own costumes to create our own characters in the Star Wars universe. #thisishowweboost

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Here's my recent blog post with thoughts about comparing yourself with other creatives and how we can avoid being our own stumbling blocks. I'd love to hear your opinions on how to be a better community member and avoid envy and jealousy. #amblogging #amwriting #witandtravesty

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My husband and I are writers—and we just went to Salt Lake Comic Con. Naturally, we needed a blog post to geek out about it. Give it a read!

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Hey new friends! I'm super excited that this exists. I blog via My social media is mainly for geeking out and normal life stuff, but my site is for fiction/fantasy writers. My husband and I chat about our WIPs and give writing and editing tips to other writers.

As far as nerdy stuff goes, I love cosplay, Star Wars (Rey is all the things), Hamilton, comic books, regular books, supporting local artists, feminism, D&D/Edge of Empire, mermaids, and supporting other women in their badassery.
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Heading to Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend! Anyone else going to be in town? #SLCC

Day 30: Ending with a haiku. Thanks for letting me be a part of the challenge!

I’m literally
One haiku away from the  
End of Author Up.

Day 29: A poem about something I like :)

Title: The Sense of Feminism
You know what
I kinda like feminism.
Like, not everyone likes it
And so it just leaves more for me.
I like the way it tastes in my mouth;
Still sweet but spicy.
The kind of spicy that is full of flavor
but doesn’t burn your tongue
or kill your taste buds.
It's a craving I've had
all my life.
I like the way it looks;
how it hugs my body.
It’s a one-size-fits-all outfit
that goes with everything.
I like the way it sounds;
Feminism speaks volumes to me.
It’s a song I didn’t know was on the radio
until I was twenty-two.
I like the way it feels
To know that I am a woman—
and in that feeling there lies
Power to help myself
be happy;
Power to help others
feel loved.
It’s a gentle nudge
in the best direction
for me.
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