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Three New Articles on the Book of Mormon
In the last month Interpreter has posted three articles on the Book of Mormon: Royal Skousen, "Tyndale Versus More in the Book of Mormon," Interpreter 13 (2015): 1-8. Matthew L. Bowen, "'Most Desirable Above All Things,': Onomastic Play on Mary and Mormon i...

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Seconding the Motion
I wanted to second Matt's post about the column in the Deseret News . It discusses how an environmental explanation of certain points in the Book of Mormon fails as an explanation. It is worth a read.

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Another Article on Book of Mormon Geography
Neal Rappleye has some thoughts on the use of statements by Joseph Smith on Book of Mormon geography.

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More on Nahom
Neal Rappleye and Stephen Smoot have an article on minimalist efforts to downplay the identification of the site of Nahom over at Interpreter .

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Crime and Punishment
There are those who believe that carrots are better motivators than
sticks, that we should only emphasize the rewards and not the
punishments. This little report brings that into question: Last
year researchers from the University of Oregon found that cr...

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Testing Book of Mormon Geography in Malaysia
There are dozens of proposed geographical correlations for the Book of Mormon. Brant Gardner provides a careful, thoughtful and considerate evaluation of a proposed geography that would place the Book of Mormon in Malaysia over at the Interpreter blog . It ...

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Book of Mormon Word Usage: To Cross Oneself
[This post originally appeared in 2001 and is also published here .] Book of Mormon Word Usage: To Cross Oneself Occasionally the Book of Mormon uses an un usual expression for
English that calls for greater attention. One example is found in Alma
39:9, w...

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Book of Mormon Word Usage: Yesterday
The term yesterday appears seven times in the Book of Mormon, but its usage is much more restricted than might otherwise be obvious. In the Book of Mormon it always appears in the same phrase: "the same yesterday, today, and forever." There are also a restr...

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Book of Mormon Word Usage: Sharpness
The word sharpness is used six times in the Book of Mormon. It is consistently used in similar contexts. It is not used, however, to describe Nephite arrows or swords but words: In the time of King Benjamin, for example: there were many holy men in the land...

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Reinventing the Wheel
Individuals doing research sometimes have to confront the painful truth that they are not the first people to think of an idea. One trait that distinguishes the scholar from the tyro is that the scholar is aware of previous research in the field. Back in 19...
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