"Jazz is my religion and surrealism is my point of view."
I tripped over this 1964 spit with phenomenal Ted Joans.  He is at the beginning of spoken word to me.  He didn't like slam poetry for the same reason we all don't take it seriously, the competition.  Even Mark Smith recognized the ridiculous paradigm, but Smith also recognized slam served a worthy purpose well.  You can find Joans reading at 2:47 and he does his piece, Jazz is My Religion. 
First part of the short movie "Jazz & Poetry" by Louis van Gasteren.
Piet Kuiters Modern Jazzgroup featuring Piet Kuiters on piano, Herman Schoonderwalt - sax, Ruud Jacobs - bass, Cees See - drums. Poetry by Ted Joans.

Amsterdam 1964
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