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This is my blog
Well if I only had 30 minutes to get out of town I would easily just grab like family possessions. We would take mostly pictures family valuables. Since we are only evacuating the city it would be fairly easy to find somewhere to stay nearby. We have a car ...

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In my opinion I think that the captain should be charged with all the deaths that were caused by his carelessness. If he would of took more responsibility and tried to save any of the poor children this would have been a different story. Being the captain m...

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Spring Break
The students are protesting because the university cancelled spring break because of snow days. Honestly I think that their protest was successful, but not in the way they wanted it to be. For the turn out to be more successful they could have offered more ...

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Proud stuff
Being Proud of something that you do is very important, because if you made something and you didn't care. Sometimes people are proud of the stupid stiff they do. They are proud of being rude to people, and bullying. People need to show pride in what they d...

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In our little town of Wellington we do not have much options to eat here. The ones we do have the people are worn out of eating. With a new subway store here the citizens of Wellington will have a new place to chow down. With subways healthier menus it will...

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Speech Stuff
I think i'm fairly good at controlling what I say. When I talk I always make sure that I don't say anything to offend anybody. I do talk a lot and at times when i'm not suppose to, but I don't say any thing to seem rude.

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People Like Grapes
If I had t o choose between people who I have things in common with, or people that are the complete opposite of me. I would have to choose the person that has similar interest as me. Having people that have similar interest as you would be easier to get al...

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Kids shouldn't get paid for doing chores around the house. These are things that have to be done and since you live in the house. It's not like your parents don't give you money to go to the movies of for lunch anyways. What do children gain by doing Chores...

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You could never have enough education if we were to go to school all year long it would make us excel as a leader of education of the world. we could have people get more jobs here then people from other countries getting jobs here.
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