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A Tall Brit Bloke living in the USA
A Tall Brit Bloke living in the USA

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My 3rd Level 110!
Hi, Yep, I got Fengsuibrit to 110 this week. She was in the 4th zone (Stormheim) and got to 110 not far through it. I  got her to complete it even after getting 110, because we're starting the grind for Revered with all factions. She also did a lot of Leath...

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My 32nd level 100!
Hi, Yep, I got back to leveling after taking all my characters through DMF early in the week. I got Derangedbrit into Talador, completed Spires of Arak, and only needed a little Nagrand to get to 100. She then got the rest of the followers needed to get to ...

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Updating my WoW Resume!
Hi, Well, back in 2013 I said this on my first blog post: I have played WoW for just over 4 years now. In that time, I have: 1. Been part of a Raiding Guild on Nordrassil 2. Leveled one of each Horde class to 85 there 3. Leveled one of each Alliance class o...

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Preparing for DMF!
Hi, That's what was going on this week. With DMF starting on Sunday, I needed to do a lot, to get all my characters ready for DMF. For the level 100s, this meant making sure that all of them had their professions unlocked to 800. So I sent every single one ...

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Screw Flying in Legion!
Hi, Well for now anyway. I just can't stand doing it on my Priest. So, remembering how I got Draenor flying done, I decided to level Fengsuibrit (my Hunter on Draenor), and do all the flying stuff all over again on her. She's the one that did everything to ...

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My New Demon Hunter!
Hi, Here's  what happened. As I said last week, I was going to get the Rogue and Monk class halls. I did that, and then realized I'd unlocked every single class. Then I realized, except for Demon Hunter. So, I started one up. Demonbrit on Garrosh. I got her...

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My 29th Level 100!
Hi, Yes, I got Crzazybrit on Silver Hand to 100 this week. She breezed through Gorgrond, completed Spires of Arak and only needed a small bit of Nagrand to get to 100. She upgraded the Garrison to level 3 and got the level 3 Barn. She also opened up Tanaan ...

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Leveling and DMF!
Hi, Lots of leveling going on, and of course DMF was active during the past week. First off though, let's talk about gold and Tokens. I bought two tokens in the last week. One for my main account, and one fo r my 2nd account (to get Garrosh characters in th...

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No Blog Update this week
Hi, I'm in Florida and won't have a blog update this week. More to come next week. Don't worry, I haven't stopped playing and am still making tons of gold. Cheers.

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Counting up My Gold!
Hi, As th is is a test to see if 90-95K is a reasonable amount to make in one month, I need to establish a baseline. So, I dec ided to count up all the gold on all my characters. I'm only counting the gold on level 100s and above. That way, there are no hid...
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