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Collect GPX-Files from Subdirectories and Convert to Single KML File
Reference: library(sp)

# here, m ygpx files reside in subdirectories..

files <- dir(pattern="*.gpx$", recursive = T, include.dirs = T)

# extract spa...

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VBA Subroutine to Clear All Filters in Excel-Table
Sub filter_clear()

'author: kay cichini
'date: 06072016
'purpose: clear all filters in a preformated excel tabel

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also a nice one..

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A promising template..

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Use Case: Make Contour Lines for Google Earth with Spatial R
Here's comes a script I wrote for creating contour lines in KML-format to be used with Google Earth If you want to check or just use the datasets I created for the Alps...

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Hoher Burgstall 24-02-2016

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HTML Legend for Corine Land Cover Classes
For anyone who might benefit from it: Here's a HTML legend for CORINE Land Cover (CLC) Classes. In my use case I needed it for the HTML annotation of CLC-Rasters embeded in my QGIS via WMS.. 1 Artificial surfaces 1.1 Urban fabric 1.1.1 Continuous urban fabr...

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