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Aaron Pratt

The only Apple product I have left is my (1st Gen.) iPod Touch, BUT this will soon change thanks to Samsung and Google. The 5" Samsung Galaxy Player with Android is my next upgrade because it is bigger, useful, has wifi (free) and does everything I need it to do. I am the slowest one to adopt anything new so pay attention...
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Google+ is a little difficult to figure out from an iPod or smartphone, when I logged in from a PC today it made sense. Now, I can't decide if I should use it to watch and converse with my friends at Google or make a circle of old friends from high school or use + for business and Facebook for friends and family? Too many widgets, too little time, what do you use + for? Oh, that's right, I am probably talking to myself, am only part of one small circle of my favorite Google employees, hi! :)
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