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Steven Wang
in search of the mobile killer app
in search of the mobile killer app

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Gala360 is now available for Daydream

Gala360 takes you to awesome adventures around the world. Our photographers capture their trips in top quality 360 photos so you can come to awesome places and events with us. From from Grand Canyon to Yellowstone, from USS Midway to San Francisco Carnival, enjoy interesting stories in Gala360.

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Gala360 - best 360 photos / story telling app

We take high quality 360 photos and narration to make them into beautiful stories.

Just launched on GearVR, someone approves our Daydream application please :)

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A few days after the president issued a veto threat, northern California was hit by a deluge. Government responded quickly: To protect the three-inch smelt from the delta pumps that would have directed the rainfall to Central Valley farmers desperate to irrigate their land, regulators flushed 95,000 acre-feet of water into the ocean

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These guys are still doing socialist experiment?!

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IPO in bathrobe looks like fun:)

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Uber every industry!

pretty sure I'm the worst student in Tennis class so far  -__-

+Jerry Tian  left for Shanghai from SF today,2014 will be an awesome year for our team! +Yu-zhong shen  

Just found my Playbook from a dusty corner. This is actually a decent product. Has similar spec compare with iPad mini and launched one year earlier , sigh...

type cover feels good,on par with Macbook air's keyboard, temped to grab a Surface Pro
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