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The Rexburg Response to Pants to Church
As we approach the two year anniversary of my wearing #PantsToChurch, I asked the UVSJ editor to search and send me two of the most popular "letters to the editor" written in response to their  front page article  they blindsided me with. I'll be publishing...

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An Update
I know I have readers / followers of this blog that have noticed the lack of posts lately (as some of you have asked me about it). I never updated here but back in January I was asked to be a permablogger at Wheat and Tares. I like it there because it has a...

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My Ideal Mother's Day Talk: Eshet Chayil
Exactly eleven years ago my husband and I sat in the doctor's office
as he told us our test results: unexplained infertility. He said the
chances were less than 1 in 1000 that we would ever be able to have a
child on our own. That Mother’s Day was not a ...

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MMM: Seeds of Unorthodoxy
I have a guest post up over at Modern Mormon Men, a group blog that I started reading 4 years ago. In fact it was some of their posts that prompted questions that led to my faith transition.  The story is over on their site:  MMM: Seeds of Unorthodoxy

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Mormon Feminist Wish List 2015
We saw a lot of feminist changes in the year 2014 in the LDS church, big and small. We saw women of color praying for the first time in a General LDS Meeting, CES policy changes of women with children at being able to teach as a full-time employee, and many...

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Joseph Smith's Multiples Wives: Why I Care A Lot
I have always been Mormon, all 33 years of my life. I started with the primary basics and grew in faith and testimony; I was raised at the height of correlation - where only faith promoting stories were given to me as part of my heritage. There was once a m...

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Obama's Amazing Speech Supporting Moms
(full disclosure, I consider myself a centrist, and have never voted for Obama) Apparently there's a big crazy drama over Obama's latest speech where he talks about women in education and the workplace and the struggles and obstacles they face in balancing ...

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That One Time CES Didn't Hire Us Because I was Different
Once upon a time I was a newlywed - a newlywed with a husband trying to be a Seminary teacher.  Back in the Ricks College days that had an East Idaho Pre-Seminary (OPT) training program.  So I took Rel 370, Intro to Teaching, in Fall 2001 along with my husb...

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Polygamy Essays and Prophetic Revelation
So the new Polygamy Essays went live this morning at here , here , and here .  At first I only read the first one, which seemed general and ambiguous, but after I read the other two it seems a little ground shaking.  I'm in a facebook group that was...

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