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Quick question about PDF only adventures (like Louisiana Rising xcrawl). Do any of you guys get the professionally printed? Are we even allowed to do that? If so, how would you go about it?

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Just got this in the mail! Can't wait to torment my friends and family in the coming weeks!

I finally played (judged) my first DCCRPG session! Everyone in the group was a DCC first-timer as well (most are in my 5e campaign). We played through Sailors on the Starless Sea and everyone had a blast! It's definitely a different experience than the RPGs I am used to and I can't wait to do it again. I loved sitting back while the players planned, schemed, and jumped to insane conclusions that miraculously usually led towards the correct path. In the end three characters and a chicken made it out alive. More info in the comments (possible SPOILERS!) including an awesome post by one of my players the following morning.

Sailors on the Starless Sea, I'm finally going to run it! Been very excited about this ever since I stumbled across the Kickstarter for the 4th printing.

I really like the addition, "The Summoning Pits", but I'm a little worried about time. I will likely only have the one session with this particular group, so 4 (maaaaybe 5) hours. I'm thinking I should leave it out for now; what do you guys think?

I also have a few questions about running the module, but I'll include them in the comments to avoid any spoilers...

Thank you!

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Wow, I guess there really might be a bunch of invisible gunk out there...
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