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"LOVE"... it's a brand new kind of LIL Galleries show!!
February is the month of love... so a bunch of my photographer friends made a show in celebration of the greatest of all the four letter words; LOVE! It's awesome for so many fantastic reasons...

For one, it's going live in The Ford Building in Portland tomorrow. Woot! They're having an event called "Friday at the Ford" and the theme is (naturally) "Love". Everyone's invited! It's on the second floor, where all the creative types and artists are - who will be opening their doors, enjoying noshes, music and Valentines. Old fashioned fun!  If you're in the area, check it out between 5-7pm. LIL Galleries will be be showing everyone "LOVE" the whole time! 

But there's another level to this that I'm completely in love with. 
I asked 20 photographers to contribute a photo that speaks of love to them - and their reason why. The response has been overwhelming!! Not only did everyone jump in with both feet and a world of enthusiasm - they helped guide me to create what I feel is a like love in bottle. It's so remarkable how each person's essence comes through every single photo and words. The fact that we all met and became friends (or got married!) on G+ just clinches the deal. 

Thank you with my heart to these wonderful friends and talented artists:

+Michael Bonocore 
+Tana Teel 
+Barry Blanchard 
+Alan Shapiro 
+Ivan Makarov 
+Thomas Hawk 
+Lisa Donchak 
+Brian Matiash 
+Nicole S. Young 
+Vivienne Gucwa 
+Kelli Seeger Kim 
+Kerry Murphy
+Laurie Rubin 
+Joe Dolister 
+Ricardo Lagos 
+Lotus Carroll 
+Ron Clifford 
+Jaime Ibarra 
and +Annette Biggers!

As for me... I'm +Karen Hutton and I created LIL Galleries and this show! 
I'm even in it. :)
I invite you to visit to learn more!

And hey, this was so much fun to do... perhaps we'll do more of these community shows in future!
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+Karen Hutton I love love love LOVE LOVE this!!!!!
What a fabulous surprise treat to spring on us before you flee to Middle Earth :-)
It's my parting shot du jour +Dave Bell!! Part of why this has been such a nutballs week! But I LOVE how it turned out. :)))
It's amazing how music and photographs can provide such a moving experience. Well done +Karen Hutton!
That was quite lovely.  Thanks.
Very special ...thank you 
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