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Ever since I visited Portland this summer I have become obsessed with donuts. Especially those from Voodoo Doughnuts. With crazy flavors like the Memphis Mafia which had banana chunks, cinnamon sugar,...
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These sound dreamy! I absolutely love the photos especially the last one with a couple of bites out of it. Hahaha.
Did you write this? this is wonderful. I will add you to my writers circle., thank you for adding me my friend.  
Tina Bk
This is a blogger friends post, the Little Epicurean.  I shared it here because I liked the recipe.  Not my writing but thanks +Lauren Castle 
Hello +Tina Bk I am a writer.  can I have you evaluate something, some time of mine?  Do you ever blog in the SEO format?  Let me know.  
Tina Bk
+Lauren Castle  I am no expert, but have read a few of your posts. happy to evaluate any of your posted articles.  No I have not blogged in SEO format.
Hey Tina I am unable to post a comment on your blog
Good evening +Tina Bk   I sitll love the donuts, is now too late to eat one?  hehehe
Arrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I seriously would buy a box from you. And have it with latte. Yummmm..