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Incredibly excited to announce the launch of Boston Data Visualization Meetup and our first talk by the amazing Ben Fry, discussing his recent work and the highly anticipated release of Processing 2.0.

About this meetup:
Boston has an amazing group of people who not only create beautiful data visualization work, but also push the entire field forward with their contribution to the open source and academic communities. This meetup will aim to bring those people and anyone interested in data visualization together, fostering a community, creating a space for learning and enabling new partnerships. The meetup will host talks, hack days, workshops/tutorials and personal work showcases.

Hope you can join us!

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So excited to announce that our SxSW Panel Voting has begun:

Data Visualization is Dead: Long Live Data Visualization
Data visualization is everywhere! It’s in your health records and in the advertising section of your morning news paper (if you still read such things.) It makes us laugh, it makes us wonder and it can make us outright angry. It’s used for art and it’s used to sell you cereal, all the while helping scientists cure cancer. What will come of data visualization as a medium? Are our concerns unnecessary or should we take swift action to save this form of communication? Join our controversial conversation where we’ll discuss the many uses of data visualization and what the future might (or should) hold in store.

Please vote for us!!!
Checkout: for more details.
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