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many SAMSUNG GEAR, a couple HTC VIVE, a lot of VR industry leaders.
See you on Sunday 2pm
During the next decade, if something were to radically change the media industry, VR (virtual reality) is the most likely thing. There is no doubt that the VR industry is emerging in 2016.

How is China becoming a hub for VR? From hardware engineering to artistic experience, the whole VR industry is exploding in China and connecting to the world.
When Shanghai International Film Festival holds its first VR Park and Summit; this gathering will celebrate the work done by SIFF; and its partnership with Switzerland and WVRF.
Meet industry leaders, developers, designers and artists before joining the VR Summit of Shanghai International Film Festival on the 13th.


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A safe path towards microservices

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Transformation Priority Premise put names and methond on principles for changing code behaviour.
If this goes deeper, I might enjoy writing code as much as I enjoy refactoring.

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very sensible and practical ideas on components

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Quick ideas about writing less code and less architecture artefact

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Refactoring, just a little more...and a little more.

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intro to node for strongly typed guys

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Implementing machine intelligence... looks simple this way
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