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About two hours ago, I thought to myself, "'There's a monster in my closet' would be a neat way to start out one of those scary short stories I loved to read when I was in middle school."

I wrote it down, then wrote a little more and a little more. Right around the time I realized I had no idea how it ended, the ending tapped me on the shoulder and said "boo!"

I've never done this before, but I thought it would be cool to publish it here without the usual editorial and rewrites I do on everything, because the idea of conceiving, writing, and releasing a short story in just a couple of hours is intriguing to me.

If you're interested in the result, you can head on over to my blog and see something that I hope 12 year-old me would enjoy...

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Squidbillies hat contest. THe site's using a little facial animation I threw together. Go now and submit your idea that I'll end up throwing into an episode at the end of the season.

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Soon I'll find the pumpkin patch that is real sincere and Ill sit in that pumpkin patch until the Great Pumpkin appears. He'll rise out of that pumpkin patch and he'll fly through the air with his bag of toys. The Great Pumpkin will appear and Ill be waiting for him!
I'll be there! I'll be sitting there in that pumpkin patch and I'll see the Great Pumpkin.


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WOO! We made it!
When I set the pledgedrive at $2,000.00 I was factoring in only the cost of what it would take to print 100 hardcovers and 100 soft, the minimum. There's still almost two weeks to pledge and the more money we raise, the more copies I can order at lower prices, lowering the overall costs of the book. If I get 3K I'll find me a programmer to help me make it into an animation-rich e-book. 2.5K could also help me get to conventions to market it.
Please keep spreading the word. It's not just a fundraiser, it's ordering a book's first printing in advance as well.

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I have updated the Mustang Ad on Craigslist. I am asking $600 now. tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends neighbors and your neighbors friends.

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A few hours ago I wondered if a dog/cat could use an iPad? This dog Jesse could probably make an iPad app!. Watch this video, he can make toast, tea, go shopping and change the bed sheets. (He really gets started about 30 seconds in). Let Jesse play with and see what he can do!

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Hi everyone, I'm Saurabh, a product manager on the Google+ team.

One of the things we strive for on Google+ is to make connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world. So as part of this effort, we’ve asked that those signing up for the service use the name they commonly go by in the real world.

In the past, when we found a profile that was not in line with our Names Policy (take a look: -- we’ve updated it with examples), we used to suspend the profile and then let the user appeal.

We’re listening, learning, and iterating to give our users the best experience possible. Starting today, if we find that your profile name does not adhere to our policy, we’ll give you a 4 day grace period to fix your profile name before we take further action. During this period, you can continue to use Google+ as usual. We're hoping that most affected users will be able to quickly fix their profile name while continuing to enjoy all that Google+ has to offer.

As always, Google believes you own your data. In the event you are unable to comply with our names policy, you can still take all your content with you, even after your profile is suspended. Visit Google Takeout for more details.

Thanks, and as always, please let us know what we can do to make Google+ better for you.

Google+ Update: Common Name Grace Period

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NSFW but funny! Hulk Squeeze!

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