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As a user of a SIMS game:

As a User I want to register for an Origin account so I can 
receive selected offers from partners and Electronic arts. As a user
I also want to make sure I am not a replicant and answer a CAPTCHA.
As a user after accepting the terms I want to check my spam folder for
account confirmation email and click the associated link.

As a user I want to login to SIMS 3 website in order to receive selected
offers from partners and Electronic Arts. As a user I wish to make sure
I am not using a pirated copy and in order to be absolutely sure I want
to type in licence key and shun insecure copy-pasting. As a user I want
to accept terms of service.

As a user I want to download Origin download tool. After downloading the tool
I want to again make sure that I am not using a pirated copy and enter
the licence key (this time I am more relaxed and am willing to copy and paste
 the product code). After the game download has finished as a user I want to
be informed about a separate tool that I want to use to install the game.
After installing the game I want to read the release notes and find the game
from Applications > Sims3. As a user I want to start the game and as the same
user I wish to download updates to make sure I have the latest updates (well because
it must be utterly impossible to download an up-to-date game directly). 

As a user I want to be happy about the 20 to 30 minutes I have spent installing the game.

Hey, Google+. I am back.

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This is my six month old son playing Uno. Isn't he cute?

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Testing, just ignore

My lose 10kgs project has advanced from "need new belt" to "I really need to buy new jeans". Back to 32" waist! Celebrated that with a bag of candy. Yuck. Don't miss eating candy at all.

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Thinking of adding "apps (and perhaps services)" subsection to our company blog ( Looking for inspiration and initial feedback on the idea. Main reason for me is to make it a habit to write and I really would like to cover apps on major platforms. But what would be a new and unique angle on apps?

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... In the vein of the story of the ugly duckling, I will try to explain how you can utilize Components and avoid the feeling of being given a square peg when you are looking at a round hole. To repeat, this is about figuring about just what QML with Components is, how it's supposed to be used. ...

Me thinks with API (and enough of my friends of course) Google+ could be my main social network.
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