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Make your own Style Rules
I have to say that I’ve never been the girl who was only interested in
one specific style since i always enjoyed being open about anything. From boho
chic, to minimalism – i have tried it all. And that is what is it all about –
experimenting and defining ov...

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New Look for Spring | Mini Skirt
If someone ask me what piece of clothing i
rarley wear throughout the year than i would probably say mini skirts.  Somehow  i always felt way too girly whenever i tried to pull them off but over
the last few months i felt the urge to jump back on the bandwa...

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STYLE | Biker Coat
As much as i love
wearing layers like there is no tomorrow i have to say that this winter
was new challenge when it comes to staying warm but looking fashionable at the same time. Usually   i’m someone who loves to wear superlong
coats and really gets excit...

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What to wear: Ball Season
I guess a lot of you
guys know that the first two months of the year  here in Vienna are pretty
packed up with all kinds of balls you can imagine!One of the biggest question
is definitely ‚What to wear’. I’ve teamed up with the Mariandl Shopping center in o...

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What to Wear: WinterWonderLand
Back in the game – and to be honest i couldn’t be happier. Originally i
planned to take a little break from blogging and really focus on other things
in order to get back fully motivated and energized. But oh boy – a really bad
flu was waiting for me and a ...

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Christmas with Zalando
One week until Christmas – and to be honest – i can’t wait.   Everything becomes a little bit more exciting
and magical – listening to some good music, snuggeling up in your favorite
christmas sweater and drinking and eating like there is no tomorrow. For m...

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Treating yourself this Christmas
So here we are,
one week before Christmas and i guess a lot of you are still trying to figure
out what to get for your loved ones. Giving back to the people who have given
you so much over the years is a gesture a lot of us fully enjoy. But before you
end u...

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Gloom & Grey
A few weeks ago i finally had the chance to rock my new suede boots from
Högl which are by far one of the comfiest pair of shoes i own - definitely check out my feature on their site. Somehow it feels
like you’re wearing sneakers but as you can see it’s def...

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How to Be Consistent & Get Stuff Done | #TipTuesday
I have to say that over the last few weeks i felt a little bit
uninspired and less energized when it comes to my blog – like many of us i
often find myself in the search for something more, something new, some change!  I guess as a blogger you reach this po...

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Ways to Wear: Summer Dresses in Winter
You all know how much i love an androgynous look and that i absolutley
love wearing pants but every now and than i like to switch things up in order
to add a little bit more femininity to my looks. One of the easiest way to do so
is definitely opting for a ...
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