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Because you're a storyteller, not a robot
Because you're a storyteller, not a robot

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Right up till that very last moment when the great heat death consumes all, Dmedia will be there with you, verifying existing copies, creating new copies as needed, and generally being an all around awesome pal.

Take that, entropy! We see your chaos and raise you a hash. Specifically, how about a 240-bit hash for every 8 MiB of data.

That'll do, math, that'll do.

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Looking for a research platform for your Internet of things application?

Consider using Degu:

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Dmedia is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL.

You should immediately generate new Dmedia SSL keys, in case your private keys were compromised while your system was using a vulnerable version of OpenSSL.

In a nutshell, force Dmedia to generate new keys like this:

rm ~/.local/share/dmedia/user-1.json
rm ~/.local/share/dmedia/machine-1.json
restart dmedia

After which you'll have to re-peer your devices.

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Dmedia 13.12 uses Upstart

As of Dmedia 13.12, the Dmedia background service is now started via Upstart.

For developers and expert users, this brings about a few important changes you should be aware of.

First, the Dmedia service log file is now:


Second, `dmedia-cli Kill` is now deprecated. Instead, stop Dmedia like this:

$ stop dmedia

Likewise, you can start or restart Dmedia with:

$ start dmedia
$ restart dmedia

Finally, you can easily see if Dmedia is running with:

$ status dmedia

To learn more about Upstart, see:

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Impeccable data safety... is a harsh mistress
A very handy developer feature arriving in +Dmedia 13.12 that allows you to easily watch the status of the various Dmedia data-safety background tasks.

Another change in 13.12 is that the scan/relink/verify is done in parallel across all connected file-stores. In the worst case scenario, say when every copy of every file in your library needs to be verified, this can perhaps be a bit annoying user experience wise. But when all hell breaks loose, Dmedia really should use all the available IO bandwidth to "make things right" (TM) as quickly as possible. We just need to effectively communicate this (normally rare) condition to the user when it happens.

Note this work hasn't yet landed in trunk, but will soon.

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Initial documentation for Dmedia test procedures

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Dmedia is sort of what you'd get if Amazon S3 humped Bittorrent Sync atop a pile of laptops and removable hard drives.

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If you want to start learning about how Dmedia works under the hood, this code review is a good opportunity.

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In case you missed it before... the Version One Dmedia Hashing Protocol has been finalized and is now used by default.

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Very good talk of what innovation really is.
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