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Iain Gilmour
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Iain Gilmour

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Don't quite get Nikon's new 18-35, seems a tad pricey compared with the 16-35. As for the $18000 800, wow! 
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+Russ Barnes Arrived today. Unfortunately I'm laid up with flu, not sure a few photos of the cat at the bottom of the bed is a suitable test, but at least my temperature is coming down, so maybe this weekend! It handles nice is all I can say!
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Iain Gilmour

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Just received David Wilson's excellent  book "Wales, A photographer's journey" and discovered we've both been documenting the gradual decay of this small abandoned farmhouse in the Preseli Mountains, though my visits are much less frequent. This image is from 2010 and we're planning to return to photograph it again in May of this year. Will be interested to see how much more has disappeared in the intervening 3 years.

#fineartpls   #bwfineart
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Iain Gilmour

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Beautifully layered scene!
The Menai Bridge

So yesterday I went out looking for snow, jealous of some of the great photos that I've seen taken across the UK.  Sadly living so close to the North Wales coast, we didn't really get any so we (my wife and I) went inland.  After driving around for a bit, we took a wrong turn and ended up going up a steep country lane with nowhere to turn around.  Had it not been for the expert driving of my wife not only would we have returned without any photos but we probably wouldn't have a car either as we started sliding back down.

Anyway after all the fun and games we did find some great snow but unfortunately not any interesting locations so you'll just have to make do with looking elsewhere for your snow images and knowing that my wife and I had a great time walking our dog.

Instead this is an image from last year.  I've got a whole host of images that are sitting waiting for me to make a decision on or that I've started and not finished from late last year when I couldn't get into editing.  This is one of those, taken on a trip to Anglesey with a good friend of mine as we went to photograph the lighthouse.  On the way back the light was great so we stopped by this popular view point and took a few images of the Menai Bridge.  


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#photoplusextract    by +Jarek Klimek 
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Thanks Iain - very kind of you to reshare!
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Iain Gilmour

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Sense of Place

When I woke up I was changed
The land had recognised me again
  - Warumpi Band

Few places mean more to me than Fife in Scotland and the city of Saint Andrews on it's north-eastern shore. It's where I first picked up a camera in the 1960s, where I was first introduced to geology as a student in the 1970s, where my parents chose as a place to retire in the 1980s and where I've been fortunate enough to spend time making photographs for over 30 years. While much has changed over the years, this ancient Pictish realm continues to draw me to its people, its coast, its hills and its towns. 

Circumstance has meant I've spent time there over the past year, time that has brought home to me how much a sense of place matters. This image is in memory of my father, who introduced me to photography in Saint Andrews in Fife in the 1960s and who passed away there last summer. Circumstance has also meant I've not been able to spend much time making photographs over the past few months, something to rectify in 2013.

#BWFineartLE  by +Joel Tjintjelaar 
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Stunning capture +Iain Gilmour. I'm so sorry to hear about your father passing.
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Iain Gilmour

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Marine Layer Minimalism

Photographing in colour seems to be just about impossible in these situations, other photographers on the beach bemoaning the disappearance of the Sun behind the marine layer (fog to those of us from this side of the pond). Maybe because we don't see the Sun quite so much, but I found the dark, and slightly gloomy nature of the fog bank made an interesting contrast for this shot of the rocks on Garrapata beach, California. The surf by comparison was fairly roaring resulting in a relatively rare, for me, chance to achieve an inverted tonality between the sky and the sea. 

Been a while since I've taken this sort of long exposure, been meaning to for some time but Nature always seem to have a different opinion as to how a scene should be photographed of late! It's not quite as minimal as I'd have liked, had I managed to get 'lower down' and try and get the surf to extend more to the horizon, I think I'd have got a better image. However, I'd probably have drowned in the process!

For #minimalmonday  curated by +Olivier Du Tré 
#fineartpls    by +Marina Chen 
+Monochrome Monday 
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Incredible photograph +Iain Gilmour! Great tonal contrast.
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Iain Gilmour

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Pacifica Pier

Working though a backlog of images after time away from photography over the past few months. This is another image from a wonderful day spent in the company of +Nathan Wirth  last May. Can hardly believe so much time has passed since then. There was quite a bit of sea mist toward the horizon at the time so not all the images I took have an actual horizon visible, fortunately this one did. 

Interesting how time away from an image changes one's view of. Really thought I'd not managed to get anything too worthwhile from this location because of the mist. In colour, the images tended to look a little washed out (which in terms of the colour they were), however there was still quite a tonal range in there, just had to bring it out with a bit of post-processing in Silver Efex.
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Iain Gilmour

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Another suggestion: the Essex, Suffolk and possibly Norfolk coast - most of it reachable from Stansted airport. Some very pretty locations e.g. Aldeburgh, Southwold, some more industrial around Felixstowe and Harwich and then the more unusual (and challenging photographically) Norfolk coast. Plenty of options for accommodation from cheap and cheerful chain hotels to B&Bs. Depending on time, the North Norfolk coast might be an added extra as the roads along the coast are not exactly high speed. Example images from Aldeburgh, Southwold, Walberswick and Dovercourt. In autumn, it quietens down quite a bit so even the tourist traps like Aldeburgh are quieter - indeed quiet enough to get some of the best Fish and Chips in England!
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East Anglia isn't as flat as people think.

And the best fish and chips in England come from Babbacombe. ;-)
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Iain Gilmour

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With all this snow of late, thought I'd look at some images I took last July (yes, this was taken in July!). Been playing with various interpretations I made of the scene, snow and ice in B&W lends to some interesting plays with tonality. To solve the question of where it was taken in July? Answer: Hardangervidda Plateau, Norway - lots of interesting geology up there, which is why I was there but couldn't resist a more artistic look at the landscape at the same time.
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+Iain Gilmour so good to see you back here!! And what a great image this is, surprising and with wonderful tones and contrasts! 
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Iain Gilmour is a scientist and photographer working and living in Buckinghamshire, England. Born in Glasgow, he studied geology at university which introduced him to some of the marvelous landscapes of his native Scotland and kindled a life long interest in landscape photography. He continues to photograph landscapes, now largely in monochrome, but has photographic interests that span architecture, nature, and people. 

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