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Taken on the southern shore of Neusiedler See in Austria at the end of a business trip there last week. While the UK was being deluged, central Europe was under a high pressure with clear skies and hardly a breath of wind. Found the conditions quite challenging photographically, but at the same time quite rewarding in having to try and make an image work.
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wonderful tone ... I never tire of looking at pilings!!
+Nathan Wirth Well, in this bit of central Europe, if there were no pillings, there'd be hardly any topography! lol
I was admiring this on another site, and finally had a couple of minutes to really appreciate this fine piece. The Clear sky and mirror like water just mesmerize me. 
Superb image +Iain Gilmour whether natural or added I love the gradient in the water and just an overall visually balanced and appealing image.
+Andrew Sanigorski the gradient is natural, an effect of the setting Sun on the opposite shore of the lake. Not sure I realised how rare such still conditions are until recently, but when they occur the tonal range off the water can be superb.
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