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For reasons that would bore you, I changed the first chapter of my book. Here's the new one. Enjoy! Chapter
1 October 2, 1936 She’s Coming “Your mother is coming.” Despite the infinite number of ways in which I could
have responded to that statement, the on...

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Excerpt from The Christmas Village
Here's another little tease from The Christmas Village ...when the village comes to life.... Suddenly Jamie
heard whispers. He froze, listening hard. There they were again! His heart beat
faster. Was there someone else in the room?  He heard laughter
– a gi...

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Jamie suddenly
wanted to be alone. He got up, grabbed his jacket from the coat rack by the
front door and slipped outside. An almost-full moon lit up the snowy landscape.
Wisps of wood smoke from chimneys throughout the village floated like gray
ghosts acro...

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Because We Need a Little Christmas
With the election over, I think we could all use something a little uplifting, don't you? I usually don't like getting into Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but this year, I say, bring on Christmas and bring it on now! Here is a little excerpt from my bo...

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1 August 31, 1939 The New Girl She reminded me of someone, the forlorn little
girl perched on the edge of the wooden bench outside the headmaster’s
office. I sneaked glances at her as I polished the mahogany wainscoting at the
other end of the hall....

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Favorite memory from our year in the RV: Reading of The Christmas Village at the JD Shetford Public Library in Hubbard's Cove, Nova Scotia

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Favorite Memory from the road: Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia

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A lovely memory from a few years ago, during our year on the road in our motorhome. In July 2012, we spent a month at a campground in Hubbard's Cove, Nova Scotia, just south of Halifax. The town had a sweet little public library where we went to use wifi. T...

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Back in the Saddle
We're h eading into summer in Florida, which means it's time to get into WRITING MODE! I'm working on my next novel. This one is historical fiction inspired by events in my mother's life at the start of World War II. I've just finished chapter 10. Figured I...

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Sedona, Arizona
We lived in Arizona for seven years and made many trips to Sedona during that time. But we hadn't been there in about 10 years, so we were VERY EXCITED to return there recently. Sedona is about two hours north of Phoenix/Scottsdale, up I-17. It's a beautifu...
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